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The Ethical Honorable Canadian take regarding American History and Confederate Propaganda, the Five Year Project.....


      When I publicly spoke out in favor of the Confederate flag in 2015 I realized it would be a lengthy bit of civil advocacy as opposed to a single event. I spoke with my father before undertaking the project. I knew I could be painted as the devil by the time my advocacy project was concluded, but felt the topic was best covered by a person with broad shoulders capable of absorbing numerous amounts of confrontations and/or attacks. I was nervous when I started and didn't want to be perceived as a Canadian idiot nor a racist bringing further negativity to the Confederate flag. The hate propaganda associated with the flag often targets any person that speaks up as racist whether it is a fact or not. My political concerns from five years ago have indeed become a reality here in Canada. As the propaganda and irrational logic in the Southern United States currently destroys as many Southern Civil War Monuments as possible, Canada has fully developed the same shaming politics and questioning of our country's history here. Canada has begun the process of shaming a Christian history at protests and ripping down historical monuments under a premise of political correctness. 
    Allow me to answer the obvious question: Who am I that I think I can comment extensively regarding American history, the Confederate flag, or the American Civil War?? The lineage of my family fought on both sides of the American Civil War. I'm a Canadian patriot that has patiently monitored the propaganda and watched the attacks of growing intensity towards anything Confederate within Canada the last five years. I did roughly five years research on my family lineage in Canada and the United States, and drove to the Southern U.S. in 2016. I've authored two articles regarding Veterans and family background in relation to the Confederate flag. I'll share now that I've been seriously targeted after not heeding warnings to drop my advocacy and quit displaying anything Confederate....a key indicator of developing extremists and extremist politics I'll be covering in my next article.
     As a toddler/kid I actually wore out my Dukes of Hazzard pajamas and argued profusely with my mother to allow me to continue wearing the shredded remnants. I still have my General Lee car poster, bicycle license plate, and 1/64 scale car. I still have my childhood comics that I read and learned a positive representation of the Confederate flag. I always had an odd infatuation with North Carolina and can only assume it was through small tidbits of NASCAR races and Southern folklore stories regarding runnin' moonshine that I even heard about it in Saskatchewan growing up. Regarding my family demographics I'm the youngest child of a father that was the oldest kid in his generation, and my father's father was the oldest child of his generation. I spent time with my grandfather before he passed away and have been close to my father all my life....there are a specific set of principles and ethics inherent to Pippin's that have always perplexed me. Of these principles the belief that a rightful fight over ethics was at times justifiable has been instilled in all generations of Canadian Pippins. 
      Hell, Pippins fight for anything from wild bunnies to dogs to women to children to elderly to minorities. People found misusing or abusing these things by a Pippin often find themselves totally unprepared for the direct confrontation/challenge of being unethical/honest/etc. We'll often lead others by example with advocacy and endeavors close to the heart. Pippins for the most part have always been reputed to be courteous and helpful to strangers. As I mentioned previously of the Saskatchewan Pippins I am the black sheep of the herd, the "unforgiven", the "last boy scout"......I enjoy a redneck nature more than most of my extended family. I'm not always cordial and actually pride myself on the redneck nature I've lived my entire life. While I am almost always tactful, patient, and courteous I identify that confrontation, debate, or fighting serves purpose at certain times. I rarely choose to fight, but when I do there is no backing down nor negotiations. I'll fight to right a wrong that most people remain silent over due to fear of repercussion. I scarcely find interest in a single fight with a single person and often will engage complicit challenges regarding large groups, corporations, or government agencies to address issues with. I have a lifetime preoccupation with how people act as individuals as opposed as to when they are in a group. These are some of the many traits of a Southern resolve that have been passed down through my family history. My trip in 2016 helped me to understand better the nature of who I am and why I am the way I am. 
     I've personally studied many wars and many historic battles. I firmly believe war and the history of wars leaves considerable educational lessons behind that we should never be forgetting. I have extensively studied American history from the 1820's-1870's. I drove through the United States in 2016 spending most my time exploring the Southern States in rural areas. I sought out and met my Southern cousins and researched the lineage of my family from one of the few journals outlining Pippin lineage. I personally researched and found out what type of slave owning lineage I derive from and whether that past was different from the ethics of Pippin's that fought for the North. I found the ethics, actions, and beliefs from both the "North" and "South" Pippins to be of a high quality of morals, equality, and advocacy. The admirable traits of resiliency, self sufficiency, empathy, and advocacy for equality trickle through Pippin lineage from the South through the North in the United States, and wound up helping to settle Western Canada. I'm very proud of what I found and learned regarding my family's history, and the experience of visiting the South actually left me with a deeper sense of pride returning home.
      I found many examples that descendants of Southerners came into Canada seeking new lives in a new country. Many who arrived in Canada broke ties (or had already broke ties) with their Southern lineage. I do not see that decision as being shameful toward a family's past, but the recognizing of an opportunity to begin an entire new life elsewhere. When the South lost the civil war they suffered the loser's fate, and Lincoln's manipulation of politics made sure of it. While it was the United States that ran a slave trade and owned slaves for was the South that would take the blame for all slave ownership. While it was not all the Southerners that treated slaves terribly and not just Southerners that owned slaves; the narrative of political history avoids seriously discrediting the Northerners for anything. Northerners owned slaves and some treated them terribly, while some Southerners treated their slaves much kinder than reputed/reported. By the end of the American Civil War it must have been doubly shocking for Southerners to realize that any positive narrative of the South was never going to be allowed. A narrative of history has been shared for generations that all Southerners are Black hating descendants of wicked slave owners and nothing else. While there have been several severe misuses of the Confederate flag over the past 100 years, the narrative has grown to be so mainstream that the Confederate flag itself is referred to as a symbol of hate and support of slave ownership. People rarely think about what the actual history is and fall into line with whatever the politically correct narrative suggested is. In place of actual historical references and proper education there has been the educating of a political narrative lacking facts and reality. 
      One cannot research American slave ownership without having some base understanding of the abolitionist movement and it's history within the United States. I find it vastly unprofessional and idiotic for at least three Canadian professors of history since 2015 to speak so poorly regarding this topic. Factually the abolitionist movement started thirty years prior to the American Civil War by a mouthy little white guy that wouldn't quit writing articles about freedom of slaves. It grew from a few articles to a movement people started to understand and agree with it as time went on. Blacks had become increasingly educated and increasingly agitated regarding being owned slaves. The notion of freedom became something seen as perhaps obtainable to them over the two decades of discussions/protests/backlash that occurred before the American Civil War. 
        It is disgusting and unfair for any politically motivated Canadian history professor to not acknowledge twenty years of abolitionist history prior to the war when condemning Southerners as Black-hating slave owners and declaring Northerners to be saviors of slaves. The freeing of slaves became a matter of political manipulation during the American Civil War, the war was not fought to decide the freedom of Blacks. Blacks earned their freedom over decades of hard fought struggle, and far too often they do not receive any credit for their substantial sacrifices to achieve it. History professors are often far too busy shaming the South and glorifying the North for political correctness reasons to remember that the abolitionist movement was built from Blacks enduring and perishing. The Blacks I met on my trip had tremendous pride just as the white people did. Whether I was speaking to someone of wealth or poverty I got a sense of great self respect from Southerners. The people and environment I found on my trip didn't match the politically correct narrative preached in Canada the past five years. I've witnessed Canadian media put three different "history" professors on television/papers the last five years to publicly condemn the Confederate flag in Canada, but have yet to see any Canadian history professor speak factually of American history. As a Canadian I thought it pertinent to allow the brunt of the propaganda to be broadcast before providing my conclusion.    
       Perhaps most importantly I studied and noted some of the documented Southern history that is so very ignored and forgotten. I spoke directly to several Southern historians from North Carolina and took in the local history within rural museums there. In 2016 the hate propaganda and political attacks were against the Confederate flag and merely suggestive towards the Southern war memorials and Veteran monuments.....whereas the same propaganda/politics in 2020 are wiping out the monuments and memorials of the American Civil War and have banned the Confederate flag in widespread capacity. The "outrage" and protests were never about the flag, this was about political targeting and questioning of white Christian history. This would be the equal to everyone removing worldwide WW1 memorials/monuments in roughly the year 2073 due to political correctness and having forgotten how to honor Veterans or have any idea what WW1 was fought over.  
    I'd like to add an observation from my own perspective as a man who has extensively studied history his entire life: I have a lifetime love and preoccupation with the history of how and when items have been manufactured. You may call me weird or a geek but I am greatly interested in when the industrial revolution took place and when the capabilities and standards of manufacturing changed throughout history. Through a twist of fate and manufacturing the cotton gin was invented long before the cotton picker. Nobody planned to build the gin prior to the picker, it was the most likely machine to be invented from the time period with the materials and understanding present from that era. Unfortunately the cotton gin sped up cotton production which meant more slaves were needed for picking the cotton, and larger fields needed to be planted to produce more cotton. It equated to more hours and more bodies required for hard labor. The very demographics of where cotton could be produced meant that by the standards of manufacturing and overall weather conditions Southerners were tasked to figure out how to keep up and adapt to demand....during the era that slavery was an American standard while cotton pickers were in high demand. By the standards of farming practices from the time and manufacturing limitations, southern plantation owners were faced with being more heavily involved with slave ownership than they likely ever intended. This wee little fact gets left out a lot, and leaving out this fact certainly makes the South look bad on a map when viewing how many slaves were where. Without the right information it looks racist.....
      Well I've certainly dived into the rabbit hole by being Canadian and speaking about American topics of controversy. Added to that I touched on race relations between Blacks and whites, how can I now toss a virtual hand grenade into the mix making this even worse? Let us discuss religion and the origin of the historic battle flag shall we? While I'm no proper Christian I have always said my upbringing/influences were of Christian lineage. I do not attend Church but I own one and live in one. One might say I'm making up for a previous lack of hours put in.... ;) I acquired it through faith and learn new things about faith every day since stumbling across it. For most of my life if you brought up religion I'd take a stroll and avoid the topic, having studied far too many wars caused by vast indifference of religious beliefs. In this stage of my life it makes as much sense to invest in churches and small communities as it does to advocate for historic battle flags and family lineage.  
      The version of the Confederate battle flag we currently fly and know has been modernized over time slightly. Summed up, it was adopted by the Confederates through fate and history. It's original version was that of the Army of Northern Virginia in the early 1860's. Fate saw to it that Robert E Lee took over command of the Army of Northern Virginia, and that this was actually the core of the Southern army that would take on many more regiments from other states to make up the body of the Confederate army by 1863. The battle flag became a symbol to inspire the Confederate soldiers to fight during the very vicious battles that went on for far longer than either side had imagined. Although disputed there is a great many that believe the design of the Confederate flag had specific religious references: The red represents the blood of Christ. The white border (if present) represents the protection of God. The blue "X" represents the Christian cross of Saint Andrew, first disciple of Christ Jesus and patron Saint to Scotland. The 13 stars represent the 13 Southern states of secession. Thus the message of the Confederate flag is "Through the blood of Christ, with protection from God, We, the 13 states, are united in our Christian fight for Liberty." 
      It has been somewhat disputed that the religious interpretation is inaccurate as being it's design origin. All of my studies and observations are that the Confederate flag (despite any debate) was an excellent motivating symbol to inspire Southerners and/or Christians to fight to the death. Robert E. Lee was an astute Christian and Southern gentleman, and an inspirational commander to his's quite conceivable that he would see the logic and inspiration of implying such a romantic notion to the flag's origin and usage whether it was the origin or not. I'm not of any power to say either way, but thought it pertinent to point out both perspectives. There indeed is no doubt that the "Stars & Bars" is a historic battle flag with original military origin and application, flown by Southerners since in every war a southerner served. It was my own experience and observations while in the United States that showed and confirmed that of any Veterans I met that flew it at war......were God fearing Christians of good faith. Of anyone I came across flying Confederate flags, they clearly identified it as a historic battle flag and Christian symbol.    
       The vast molestation of the Confederate flag over decades by such groups as the KKK have definitely made it a difficult symbol (and topic) to discuss and advocate for. Canada has a much different history than the United States and we are historically the steady voice of reason on complicit matters where ethics have been lowered.....which speaks to reason why Confederate flags should be properly advocated for in Canada. It should be displayed and allowed to fly (with respect) in Canada to remind people of it's history and vast education. A vast many Canadians see it as simply the reminder that Canadians have the right to be rebels and love to be rednecks much like our Southern counterparts. There's also many people like myself that have blood lineage to the South and are fourth generation Canadians that have Fundamental Freedoms in this country. I take that shit serious. Somebody should. I have blood lineage and history that is unique and complicated but rich and highly educational, and for that I am proud. The Canadian thing to do was speak for the history and lineage of ALL my cousins......not just those that fought for the North. A southern resolve flies that flag in the United States and now a southern resolve flies it in Canada for history and lineage. The Confederate flag requires more people to raise it and understand it, if not only to avoid the extremist politics Canada presently experiences. Canada's Christian history/heritage is as much under political attack as the United States has been in past years.....and that shit shouldn't fly here no matter how aerodynamic and polished it is.
      The political propaganda and hate campaign against U.S. history/lineage has crept into Canada the last five years. We now face the exact same illogical political actions/attacks against our history/lineage. Of course if we question the narrative of our anthem being changed, monuments being questioned/torn down the strategy is to state they were the outdated propaganda of racists and white supremacists. There is a political status quo that is pushing an agenda of drastic change in Canada while creating severe racial division. It's a supposed no win scenario of political shaming from irrational thinking extremists. As stated earlier Southerners (and Southern Veterans) are not permitted any positive narrative because they were the losers of the war. The same narrative shouldn't work in Canada but we just witnessed it happen throughout 2020. I'll not remain quiet as myself and many others are shamed for a history we had no control over, and gladly point out the irrational thinking behind the shallow attacks.  
     It was made abundantly clear in 2020 to me that as a business owner I am not to advocate for Confederate flags nor state opinions as a business owner, or else. It was explained that there is no such thing as a Heritage Not Hate Confederate flag and I'd be labeled as a white supremacist if I didn't remove it. It was made clear to me my life can be made difficult and my business can be punished. So......I raised the only AUTHENTIC publicly flying Confederate flag in Canada. As a business owner I publicly admitted I had a history of civil advocacy that wasn't going to end simply because I own a business. I went in the opposite direction that I was instructed to so that the Confederate flag would forever be publicly displayed, as will a Southern Veterans/American Civil War display. I own an antique vintage store and am literally in the business of history. History is often politically incorrect and complicit in nature, and it is this type of history that provide the best education now and for future generations.  
     The politics in Canada are becoming more irrational, it is easy to tell by the requests for interviews I've had the last several years. To date, I've been interviewed by the Saskatoon Star Phoenix and the Regina Leader Post for attempting to speak positively about complicit symbols of history. I initially refused an interview with CTV Regina for pathetically low ethics displayed, and then gave a second opportunity to CTV Saskatoon a year later. I recently gave an extensive personal interview to a young lady in Eastern Canada, a journalism student interested in a complicit topic of controversy. I spoke to not ban the Confederate flag and why.  
      As for the individuals and organized groups that chose to attack my business online for me having an opinion.....they found out the hard way that strategy and tactics were ready long ago to deal with such people. By the time they realized what the strategy was they found themselves suffering from wounded bear syndrome. Otherwise, it likely would have been considerably easier to attempt to have sex with a wounded bear......than to mess with a business owner of Southern resolve who's also a civil advocate and is Canadian. 
      This was the last of three articles regarding my 2016 trip to Dixieland. I believe all three articles together properly speak for the Confederate flag as a proud Canadian should. I do not regret my decision nor my actions despite difficulties and threats delivered, and I will always be available to advocate for the Confederate flag over the propaganda and hate that some want to smear it with. This is the second of three very challenging articles I gave my word I'd write before 2021. Admittedly I'm a day late and a dollar short! LOL! Always fess up if you've broken a promise, I was supposed to release this yesterday! ;) I figured a inspirational Christian symbol should be represented for and spoken of during the Christmas holidays...... 

Friday, November 20, 2020

The Human Rights Offenses allowed via SGI by the Saskatchewan Government (for Decades)

        It is fitting that in today's 2020 irrational and illogical politics that this final article regarding injury insurance be ready for release. It's also Insurance Fraud Prevention Week in Saskatchewan, perfect time to speak about insurer fraud. How I was treated twenty years ago is now set upon this entire country, and the public has been very confused by it. By this article's end you'll have a good understanding of how injured people can find themselves without rights nor access to medical treatment, thus leaving the injured to move on with life without fair access to any insurance benefits. By way of criminally negligent behaviors via practitioners within our Saskatchewan health system, insurer's save money from benefit payouts using several common methods. 

      The very first action and process that needed to occur to prove my theory absolutely sound and correct was that the issues of concern needed to be fairly presented to government. So nineteen years ago I wrote a testimony report along with thirteen recommendations to the then Saskatchewan NDP government. My report was presented and read in person to the Chairperson of a thee person committee that was in detail reviewing SGI and No Fault/Tort insurance systems. My concerns were also raised with my then MLA and then Premier of Saskatchewan Lorne Calvert. My concerns were renewed with the Saskatchewan Party. Both governments were informed and chose to do nothing. There are no positive angles from any politician that will save them nor gain them any leverage here.....everyone knows about this fraud that has occurred for over thirty years and everyone chose to keep their heads in the sand. The premise was that one person could never bring harm to nor expose such a well built system. Hold my beer......

     It was a long period of time, lack of outcomes, and the seriousness of my injury that went without medical treatment nor acknowledgement that prove my accusations. My injury was far worse than I realized and it took 10 years of chronic re-injury and secondary injuries to properly understand it. During that time I had also exhausted every public service option available to an injured person in regards to appealing insurer decisions and disinformation regarding my injury. Giving public agencies/existing services the option to assist with the concern raised was necessary before I could ever substantiate a claim that the public has no fair access to affordable venues. 

      I saved my human rights/civil rights recommendations for my last insurer article for a few reasons. The deliberately inflammatory articles targeting SGI and WCB were to show others they are not alone, to properly direct the vast frustration towards those that deserve it, and to put the insurance companies through their own process. I was very harsh, I never allowed nor considered any insurer opinion to talk nor did I stop what I was doing. I made sure the information and accusations were of a magnitude it'd take ten years to sue me in any court. While I will never waste a penny nor any of my valuable time pursuing such trashy people in a court, the very same idiots may pursue me in a court of law and challenge my Fundamental Freedoms. I reciprocated tenfold what was done to me for nearly three months at the Fit For Active Living rehabilitation center at Saskatoon City Hospital....before I was abruptly discharged and more disinformation was created. Injury insurance and our health care actually chose to discharge me from care injured upon discovering a major injury in place of medical treatment. Furthermore the repeated attempts to return me to work injured and the attempt to rehabilitate me with ribs unattached at the sternum may have caused part of the permanent conditions I've lived with for nearly twenty years.  

     As brazen and ignorant as it may seem.....I politely warned a room of practitioners before this took place not to focus on disinformation and speculations raised by others and to remain focused on my reported injury. I clearly indicated I'd come back and my rebuttal would be devastating if my character was questioned while my injury went unacknowledged and ignored. I was assured I was in the best of treatment facilities in one of the province's largest hospitals and that they as professionals were going to find the problem. It was the most bizarre illogical irrational process I ever willingly participated in, and was hugely traumatizing. To this day I am baffled as to how an entire PRIMARY treatment team could not visually see nor acknowledge my injury for ten weeks. While I spent those weeks being questioned and regularly seeing an insurer-hired Saskatoon District Health psychologist, none of my treatment team had to prove they were thinking logically or acting on fact and reality. Yes.....I am questioning whether or not people were mentally disturbed or just being criminally negligent in their primary duties.

       My experience was in fact a regulated con game of criminal negligence to convince an injured man to ignore all his pain symptoms and go back to work injured. These health practitioners and any other health organization associated with the injury insurance industry are above all laws. Anytime I tried to ever communicate any concerns to any existing appeal processes I was scolded or told it wasn't allowed. The last attempt I made was in 2010, inviting the Human Rights Commission to sit in and witness the limitations put on an injured person during the appeal process....they declined the invitation. I folded up my files during the injury appeal and withdrew from sharing anything with the appeal committee or insurer, it was clearly time for the public release of my articles and the next step in achieving a goal.

     It's recommendation #13 from my report that I think the public would be interested in. While the government indeed took into consideration all my recommendations regarding educational commercials/content, notions of the points tracking system to identify bad drivers.....they ignored the largest and most important recommendation of all: Accountability of the insurer and proper human rights representation for injured people.

    **During the creation of this article Nov.20th/2020 I received phone calls from Sask Tourism and CTV News Saskatoon. Sask Tourism will be removing me from their list of businesses to visit, CTV called regarding a social media stunt as a business owner I pulled about maskless people being allowed in my store....2020 has been a year of many agencies calling me at home to politely shame me or intimidate me into silence. I've been rather secretive regarding my very deliberate and planned social media probing the past five years, and the planned outcome for my articles against injury insurance systems. ;) ** 

       I gave a detailed recommendation directly to government as to how to correct severe human rights offenses and criminal negligence against injured people at a time they required acute medical care for a very real injury. I was very clear as to how acute oversight would need to be when offenses occurred to ensure the safety of the person involved. Injured people need to be focused on recovery rather than a complete investigation as to any/all possible motives as a person. When an injured person is being bullied and intimidated it needs to be documented by a third party and investigated acutely....otherwise we have situations in which injured people are put through an entire injury insurance system without proper acknowledgement and documentation of their injury. Any creation of disinformation or "mistakes" can lead to an injured person incurring further injury.  

      Our current systems leave any debate up to the Automobile Injury Appeal Commission, well after intervention could have or should have taken place. It's a sham of a process so the government can say they have an appeal process available for the public.....but it's useless to the public. The injured person is left to represent themselves against a corporate lawyer using falsified reports and deliberately misleading information written by a third party "practitioner" that has never met nor consulted with the actual person injured. It's a stacked deck of cards. The process in which insurer's "construct" medical "reports" for their usage in an appeal is criminally negligent and outright insurance the insurer. 

       We currently have no oversight for any injury insurance companies. Insurers may stall, ignore, pester, bully, lie, antagonize.......all in place of ACTUAL medical testing and proper documentation. The deliberate questioning and probing of a person's character and motives for claiming to have suffered an injury is staggering and demoralizing. With no actual injured person's advocate or proper process to stop this acutely, the injured person if left to endure the entirety of it no matter what. The system generically discriminates, traumatizes, and ignorantly ignores the Human Rights Code and Canada's Fundamental Freedoms of injured people. 

      My idea of a Injured Person's Advocate was a three part panel consisting of: A permanently impaired person who already went through the system, a member of Saskatchewan Justice (particularly the Human Rights Commission), and a veteran nurse or doctor. The impaired person is present to ensure everybody is doing what they should and the process moves forward quickly. The Justice representative would ensure all rights are being honored and the injured person has not suffered any form of discrimination. The medical person is there for redundancy: Um, did anybody at any time do any medical testing on the injured person? Were they okay with the level of actual tests performed? This three person panel was to be put into place and talks held with the injured person within 2-3 days from time of complaint to ensure that the injured person actually had the best accurate chance at the best of physical recoveries. I recommended it occur for a five to ten year period and then be reviewed to see how common complaints and offenses were. Nearly twenty years later we have absolutely no level of accountability anywhere.....deliberately 

     In summary I explained in detail how to deliver accountability and responsibility to both SGI and WCB injury insurance systems.......about 19 years ago. The government used my points system recommendation to devise a money based system that makes them money while ensuring that the public was left without realistic nor fair appeal options when injured. The government instead implemented a process that is redundant, insulting to a person's rights, and is seriously advantageous towards the insurer. By the time the injured person actually gets their appeal to the appeal commission they are well past the time frame when help is needed most and are facing reports involving further false information via insurer "experts". Almost twenty years later Saskatchewan has done nothing to improve an injured person's chance for a fair and actually helpful recovery.

      The topics discussed in this article and my five years of articles targeting injury insurance systems I deem a success. The insurer in question has not challenged a single comment nor action taken by myself in the last five years. There simply isn't any angle nor action that the criminally negligent insurer can take without exposing the level of fraud perpetrated against me. For knowing of and deciding to implement a system that further benefited injury insurers as opposed to having any accountability for human rights offenses against injured people......the Saskatchewan Government has likely opened up a viable opportunity for a class action civil suit worth at least several million dollars. Of the three articles I plan to release yet in 2020, the easiest one was to prove how criminally negligent SGI and the Saskatchewan Government enjoy operating insurance systems. The level of offenses are so high that a person went through their system with no medical testing and underwent a personal attack in place of any realistic or useful medical treatment. The entire health care system, the entire injury insurance system, and the Saskatchewan Government didn't notice my ribs jutting out the front of my chest for eight months. The best treatment facility in one of Saskatchewan's largest hospitals failed to acknowledge the reality of my injury in a ten week period of time.....and when they did finally acknowledge it I was discharged from care and disinformation was created for me to appeal. I was discriminated against, humiliated, and ignored so an insurer could save some money on benefit payouts.  

     People have asked why be an advocate? Why not a public service/agency? A lawyer? It's simple. To be a truly effective advocate one must be willing to put themselves at risk while not damaging or bringing negativity towards others in any group. The moment I belong to an organization or committee or is a target to attack for me stating an opinion. Our current politics are unrelenting and the practice to use social media as a venue for a group to launch attacks against an individual has become commonplace. People in 2020 are experiencing what injured people have put up with for decades when attempting to claim they were hurt at work or in a motor vehicle accident. Not a good direction for Canadians to be heading in.....

      People may accuse me of being harsh. Perhaps my tactics are ruthless and cutthroat as opposed to the other options available to me. But......I have done nothing but reciprocate on social media in 2019/2020 what was taught to me via a former Saskatoon City Police Detective and SGI Injury Adjuster (Don Bowie). If people are shocked at my ignorant and deliberately inflammatory comments and actions they can call and thank Saskatchewan Government Insurance for so very well educating me so long ago. This entire topic will continue to go ignored. The abuse will continue and the insurers will indeed be held to no level of accountability nor responsibility for any of their deliberate actions. 

     I promised I'd deliver an education to the insurance industry that was reminiscent of the experience I was put through. I am not sorry the message was figuratively delivered much like knee strikes to the kidneys and having your face rubbed in feces. As I stated in previous articles I'm available to provide testimony in any court or civil suit at any time against any insurer on this issue. I'm not interested in any monetary payout for perceived loss of benefits.....but I'd accept a consultation fee for peacefully exposing human rights violations, discrimination, and fraud via SGI/WCB. As pointed out in previous articles this year.....much harsher actions could have been taken against particular individuals such as harming a practitioner. I honored the request of my parents: To deal with this issue in such a way that it wouldn't bring negativity to my family by incurring criminal charges for assault (or worse). The Saskatchewan government can continue to ignore this topic....until a practitioner or insurance adjuster is injured or killed by an injured person. THEN of course our dear government will invest into a committee to do a review to understand how it ever came to be.

       To the injured people that suffer the bullying and degradation, that find themselves with no benefits to assist you in learning your new life: Do not allow the insurer's deliberate system of keeping you tied up in long term appeals to defeat you. Speak out and defend your opinion, as there are no public services nor any venue that will ever help you nor defend your rights. Remember you need to concentrate on moving on with your life and owning your injury. Do not allow your injury to own you, nor the insurer experience get the better of you. There are those like me that will be the thorn, the wounded bear, the Unforgiven. You have been spoken for by someone that came before you. Don't waste your time thinking your government cares or is interested in changing the system.  


Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Saskatchewan Government knowingly sponsors Human Rights Violations/Civil Liberties Offenses via SGI and WCB

  Time to spill the beans as they say.......the notion of "dvpadvocacy" was established twenty years ago. Due to severe Human Rights violations and absolutely no regard for my Canadian Fundamental Freedoms I underwent a major attack against everything I was as a person in 2000. In place of any medical treatment/intervention Saskatchewan Government Insurance through third party organizations produced reports of Libel and participated in slander/discrimination. My mental state and mental capacity were put into question while every opinion of my own body went ignored. Unqualified practitioners of no expertise were allowed to create a document questioning if I had psychological problems. The rationale that was followed for eight months after my December 6th, 1999 motor vehicle accident was that I needed to return to work to exercise my sore muscles. I was forced to undergo special interviews with social workers and psychologists. It was mandatory for me to see an SGI psychologist weekly for nearly three months.
      I indeed was very badly hurt as a result of the MVA, and all questions/concerns raised by myself were seen as uncooperative and hostile. I was under severe duress and had to watch my every word and tone spoken to any examiner. My "positiveness" and "pleasantness" was "observed" in an extensively open environment, and I was observed constantly to ensure "maximal" efforts during all testing and exercises. Examples: If I took too long peeing a practitioner came looking for me to see exactly what I was doing. The only time I actually took a knee from severe amounts of excruciating pain.....a therapist was by my side within seconds. It wasn't to see if I was okay, it was to remind me that I had signed documents ensuring cooperation and maximal effort in physical rehabilitation exercises. I was told to get up and finish the exercises, or the insurer would be informed I wasn't cooperative.....which meant immediate suspension of all income replacement and treatment benefits would be halted. For eight months it never mattered that my largest supposedly most stable ribs were sticking out the front of my chest and moving freely- totally unattached at the sternum. Nobody noticed within the largest most extensive rehabilitation process inside a massive hospital that I had an injury. I never received any serious medical testing whatsoever other than visual exams of insurer paid practitioners. It was devastating and severely traumatizing.
     When the injury was proven as a reality the reactions of the practitioners/insurer (as everything else) was documented in detail. The criminal negligence, fraud, human rights offenses, and considerable offenses to my Fundamental Freedoms at a time I was literally begging and pleading for help with my ribs- were all documented in detail. The real wing-dinger that is going to deeply disturb SGI, WCB, Sask. Justice, and the SHRC is that their actions/immoral behaviors were documented through a third party private psychologist. ;)
     My way out of my situation had two possible outcomes. 1) I was indeed injured very bad and was being severely discriminated against and abused in a cutthroat cookie cutter system that wasn't designed to help.....but to assist the insurer with their side of any possible insurance claim filed. 2) I was indeed okay and very sadly would have to face the disturbing reality that I had moderate to severe delusions regarding my pain and injury, which indeed would have brought severe consequences. Either outcome was horrific.
       Well......I had the rare opportunity to hold regular appointments with a second (very established) psychologist privately. My only logical option was to fully participate in whatever was suggested and do whatever necessary to recover as best as possible. I had to literally ignore my instincts and that I was being treated absolutely terrible in the hopes that something good would come from the insanity of the process I had to undergo. In the end.......the reality of the situation was that I was forced into physical rehabilitation and several return to work programs DURING a vital stage of healing that prevented any possible recovery. The Fit For Active Living program acted very shocked. Three of my "treatment" team were in tears over the amazing revelation. One staff member asked if I planned to file a lawsuit, to give you the idea regarding the seriousness of the situation.
      So there I was....standing in Saskatoon City Hospital being told that all my return to work efforts and 95% of my "physical rehabilitation" was immediately cancelled. A specialist confirmed the horrific nature of the injury and it's dangers through what's called a rib tug to verify no attachment between sternum and ribs. The specialist quit tugging after two and was very disturbed at his verification. I was given a diagnosis of "Slipping Rib Syndrome" aka "Rib Tip" syndrome. I was informed it had never been seen to the severity I'd suffered......eight months after the initial injury. I was told absolutely no return to work nor physical rehabilitation should have occurred with unattached ribs out of danger to further injuries likely occurring. The specialist was notably emotional explaining it, and obviously thoroughly displeased it was him that had to inform me.                 After the diagnosis I was very near losing my temper and politely informed the facility I wanted to leave for the day to maintain a peaceful environment......they quickly agreed. They were adamant to explain they had called SGI and already requested an emergency meeting to discuss the disturbing diagnosis and how I ended up going through their prestigious physical rehab program with unattached ribs. I had to verify I was going home and had no intentions of driving to SGI. As I passed by the waiting area of the Fit Program I noticed my injury insurance adjuster sitting in a chair. The 6'4" former Saskatoon City Police Officer (Then one of SGI's best professional bullies to expedite insurance fraud and abuse towards injured people) Don Bowie stood up immediately upon noticing me. I asked him if he'd heard about the diagnosis and he said yes. I asked him if he was present to meet with my Fit Treatment team and he replied he wasn't. He claimed he was there on a different file and not regarding me. It was at that meeting that an insurer sat down with a group of third party practitioner prostitutes to determine a way out of the massive mess they perpetrated against me.
     At the beginning of my Fit Program after verification that everyone was proceeding without serious regard for my injury nor opinions.....I issued a legal public warning to my entire "physical rehabilitation team" at Fit. They thought it was pretty funny. I explained: If the discrimination and personal attacks didn't subside within their apparent "neutral" treatment facility......if my injury continued to go unacknowledged and was found to be a serious injury....I personally guaranteed everyone that I'd return (after whatever my recovery was) to take a massive fucking flamethrower to the entire industry that discriminated against me and ignored my opinions regarding my knowledge of my body and perceived injury. The same practitioners of the evening that chuckled nearly three months prior were left wondering what a massive flamethrower against the insurance industry was going to look like. Allow me to explain.....
      I negotiated a particular deal with the private psychologist. I found it disturbing to have to wait eight months for a health care system and insurance company to realize a massive injury. If I was to ignore every aspect of my natural instincts and warnings of realistic severe pain to blindly believe it was simply some sore muscles requiring exercise that was just fine, then people would be answering to their logic. It was either get ejected from an insurance system for having valid concerns and trying to raise them, or shut up and have faith in what I considered bullying/discrimination by a corporation to hide the reality of a serious injury. I requested one hour. Just one.
     At 25 years old I very much enjoyed being a rough around the edges redneck guy. Loved my Chevy trucks, if you're not first you're last, talked with a slight drawl and the whole nine yards! I was a light hearted fun boisterous sarcastic little SOB.......unless you knew me very well you'd never have guessed that events of my life up to that time had caused to do considerable learning and research about topics many never would. At that age I already spoke very well and knew I had writing talents. I had realized particular interests, behaviors, and disciplines within myself that were of particular use. I was already fluent with the understanding of the Secret and how to accomplish monumental tasks most would never attempt. I had realized a burning passion that came out upon seeing people being abused/bullied within our society without anything ever being done. My mentality and rationale when taking on bully(s) is vastly unexpected and almost never comprehended. By the time it's discovered that you have my undivided attention- bullies find themselves overwhelmed with aggressive and proactive actions of humiliation and embarrassment.
      If and when I so choose I can be The Unforgiven.....and show up over a topic of ethics that I may have little to no real investment about. I'll directly confront the bully or largest bully in a group without regard of repercussion against myself. As long as the bully is completely destroyed or permanently scarred from the vicious encounter I'm happy. I firmly believe I can take whatever bag of shit or abusive stunts that can be thought up by leftist cowards hiding behind loopholes with our justice system and public services. Time for them to handle the bag of shit I return.
     So what is so special about one hour with a veteran psychologist in 2000 after the outcome of the insurance fraud and criminal negligence via SGI? I negotiated for ONE precious hour to have a logical and detailed discussion as to how a single individual could possibly take down a crooked and fraudulent insurance company. SGI being government related and a multi-billion dollar insurance system didn't phase me in the slightest.....much to the surprise of countless people over the past twenty years.   
      That is how and why "dvpadvocacy" was started. The injury was indeed very serious and SGI indeed went forward with their plan to be rid of me as quick as possible at minimal cost. With confirmed unattached ribs I underwent return to work physical testing as I was discharged from all hospital care. The testing results were pathetic with unattached ribs but the results were used to outline my physical capabilities FOR ME so I could be again be returned to work fully injured. Within seven days of the fake diagnosis (and before the Fit Program even mailed out their medical report regarding the seriousness of the injury) SGI had one of their medical experts dispute the diagnosis stating it wasn't serious and should never effect me. The diagnosis coincidentally is not on any approved insurer list to qualify for any benefits of any kind, and to this day is not medically recognized by the traditional medical community. The realty of the injury has been documented in vast detail through two separate insurance companies for several different moderate-severe rib injuries. SWCB informed me in 2009 I'm never eligible again for any type of rib injury due to several documented incidents of rib failure on both sides of my rib cage.
     So I applied my knowledge of sociology, psychology, civil law, and criminal law towards understanding a realistic path to completely exposing how bad the problem is entrenched within our health care and society. The first thing that unfortunately had to occur was the blatant and undeniable ignorance towards the reality of my injury while never receiving any serious support, benefits, or acknowledgement of it's existence. Check! I had to realize my goal would take 10-20 years minimum and that however long it took I'd have to exhaust every available public option other than a civil lawsuit. I'd need to establish all facets of public service and court options had been ruled out as inaccessible or ineffective. I had to provide government and public services with a viable and realistic option as to how the problem could be discovered, tracked, and acutely dealt with during the critical time a patient is supposed to be other words the government needed to be presented with a report of how to stop it and hold insurer's/third party organizations accountable and responsible for their actions/behaviors. Check!- I presented such a report to the Committee reviewing the P.I.P.P./Tort insurance systems in 2001, in disturbing detail.
      In my report to the NDP government there was a very detailed viable option explaining how to protect the Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of Canadians and expose fraud via insurance companies. Of the thirteen solid recommendations I made to the NDP anything to do with the rights of injured people was ignored and quickly forgotten. From the 2001 review committee my ideas for educational commercials for drivers became a reality and a points tracking system was introduced for bad driving. To be clear my recommendation about a points/tracking system for bad drivers had absolutely nothing to do about financial gain for the insurer and it's use was fully intended to identify and remove terrible or dangerous drivers from the roadways permanently. SGI did a wonderful job taking credit for the educational mandate I recommended and terrific in molesting a bad driving tracking system into a money maker for their coffers.
      So what else did that one hour come up with? I'd have to exhaust every internal and external appeal option or available public venue. That meant internally asking SGI supervisors for reviews, complaints to "Fair Practices" at SGI, and attempting appeals through the government designed Automobile Injury Appeal Commission for injured people. Outside the system I had to file complaints with the SHRC (they referred me to Ombudsman) and ask the Saskatchewan Provincial Ombudsman's Office to formally investigate. Their TWO-YEAR investigation had nothing to note and no recommendations at it's conclusion. The Ombudsman then referred me back to the SHRC that explained there must have been a  boo-boo and the statute to file a complaint had passed.
     Yep, for many a year I was considered a joke and all government services chucked at the lone individual that thought he could make a difference some day. In 2010 I filed a review at SGI and an appeal request in 2011. The review found nothing. I invited the SHRC to sit in on the AIAC appeal but they declined. Upon facing discrimination at the appeal and verifying that SGI was indeed prepared to continue their ignorance regarding the reality of my very well proven injury....I folded up my files and refused to share the volume of medical information I'd procured. I asked for adjournment and it was granted immediately. I left Saskatoon in 2013.
     Upon getting settled in a small community I created a forum for the release of humiliating information against health care facilities and SGI, my blog southsasksoutherner. I then took all relevant articles and created a social media page called "SGI is Fraud". The public accusations were also a planned and deliberate campaign against SGI that was required to achieve the end goal. Other than some limited censorship via social media SGI was never given any options for three years while I publicly released articles in great detail. If they attempted to share any opinion or engage me in attempted conversation there were abusively told that they were not entitled to their input nor opinions. I reciprocated how I was treated while exposing insurer fraud and criminal negligence. This was done under the Sask Party to ensure that all forms of government were aware of the severity of concern and that the public was being defrauded over a period of decades. In short the government was informed, then government had opportunity to act upon my release of information.....and did nothing.
      Well here we are in 2020! Seems to me when I look around I'm the only person I've ever heard of that has exhausted every option possible, gave every form of government vast opportunity, authored a report with the solution, and gone public regarding the loopholes extended via Saskatchewan Justice to the Crown Corporation Saskatchewan Government Insurance. After twenty years I'm no longer the petitioner nor advocate, but the very well versed expert on how injury insurer's violate Human Rights and discriminate against people to minimize any insurance benefits payout....and how government pretends not to notice. :D
      The final phase of my Super Duper Wile E. Coyote Captain Awesome Action Plan (SDWECCAAP) can occur now, and my aren't today's politics just the environment?! It's now commonplace to look back a few decades and attack anybody for anything they ever did. I have confirmed that all public services and court options are not in any way valid or interested in investigating Human Rights offenses and considerable ignorance of the Fundamental Freedoms for Saskatchewan people. The duress, shaming tactics, bullying, falsification of information, misleading/false medical reports from third party organizations, using false information from practitioners that never met the's an extensive and detailed list that both the Sask Party and NDP never have done anything about.
      It's now realistically been far too long for the Saskatchewan Government and our Saskatchewan Justice System to simply ignore these injustices against the Saskatchewan public. In not ever taking into consideration any serious recommendations regarding the protection of injured people's human rights, at what point does the Government become negligent and easily available for a massive class action civil lawsuit??? :D How many decades should pass and how long should our Human Rights Commission be allowed to operate under political agenda of ignorance and total lack of accountability/responsibility?? I've effectively proven Saskatchewan Justice including our beloved Saskatchewan Minority Rights Commission to be useless in representing the public in these matters. Speaking factually the SHRC transferred one my contacts to the Ombudsman's Office (Kathy Upton) and fired the other (Bill Refoss). I've effectively proved that the public would never EVER be able to actually pursue this in any court due to the astronomical high financial burden to get it into a court room.....and that's just what defines a monopoly by government guilty of criminal negligence. It's called unfair and biased access to a fair court process, sometimes referred to as not being in a free country.....or in a Nazi style dictatorship like today's Liberals we deal with.
     The Sask Party and NDP had twenty years and did nothing. Doing nothing gets you fired and sometimes leaves you facing criminal negligence charges if you are not the government. The government and their Corporations are no different...... unless of course we're not actually in a free country and there's a double standard of law for Crown Corporations and their employees?
      My mother wholeheartedly believed that the advocacy of any one dedicated person that had endured hardship could positively change the world for the betterment of everyone around them. She rarely endorsed the notion to pick a massive fight over ethics but was an exceptionally smart, tough, and resilient women. In a fight for what's right and the topic of exposing a lack of human rights my mother was my largest supporter. She always asked that I never give up and finish what I started with my head held high. Being that the twentieth anniversary of the criminal negligence and discrimination via SGI/WCB has coincided with my mother's passing, it seemed fitting to move forward now. This, alike all my other articles, will be ignored by the media. Ignoring the topic for decades shows that our media is controlled and biased (which the last four years have extensively proven anyway). Insurer's have also benefited for decades via our media working under a political mandate and never reporting about this seriously....and look at our media now. All propaganda before fact and rarely telling the public the whole story about anything.
      It would be excessively easy to find 15-30 people over the past twenty years that have all been severely defrauded of insurance coverage/benefits while being severely discriminated against by WCB or SGI (or as in my case BOTH insurers). An insurer's worst nightmare would be one of their worst cases of guilt, fraud, criminal negligence, immoral behavior, bullying, and offending someone's human rights returning to publicly expose it. While any one individual is unable to gain a good foothold on legal representation due to enormous cost......I've just outlined how after decades a civil suit should be a stroll in the park. Only lazy unmotivated or politically corrupt lawyers wouldn't pursue this civil suit at this's never been easier.
    If SGI, WCB, or Sask. Justice want to spend years pursuing me in court there's all types of opportunities here. I firmly believe all corporations/services mentioned in this article completely lack the morals, ethics, or character to muster an intelligent logical challenge in any court. My recent article berating Dr. Allan Woo is a great example of a key perpetrator of fraud deliberately performed for the insurance agency. If we had a justice department that served the public I'd highly recommend they look for high numbers of mysterious MRI scans reportedly showing nothing that were ordered through Woo. They might also want to check to see if any one particular MRI technician had a unusually high amount of tests showing nothing for SGI and WCB clients. The Saskatchewan government has miserably failed to protect nor develop human rights for it's people for decades.  A politically motivated Human Rights office isn't deserving of any title regarding actual representation for people's rights. I call it the Minority Rights Commission because if I weren't a white man we wouldn't be here holding casual discussions twenty years later. ;)
     I still have a very detailed viable system to implement for accountability and responsibility regarding injury insurers.....I simply cannot locate any branch of government nor public service that actually gives a shit about human rights. Speaks volumes regarding the ethics of our government and justice representatives. Way to go Saskatchewan.
     In our society we react severely when people are dead or dying but hardly react at all if people live through their experience. Until there's body's stacking up our society doesn't care about a small percentage of it's people that have no rights. The topics I have raised in my publicly released articles proves that the Saskatchewan government doesn't care either unless there is a body count. Look at COVID-19 reactions.....the country panicked and our economy was shut down for nothing. We overreacted based upon fears of people dying, when in reality we wouldn't have done anything serious if people were reputed to just get sick. That's how injury insurance works: If you can stand and have your arms and legs you are fine and qualify for little to nothing, whereas if you are in a wheelchair or lose arms/legs then you are on a list of payable benefits. If the insurer can come up with diagnosis' not on an approved list or avoid documenting the reality of the injury then the injured person spends years in appeals trying to prove what was never properly documented of acknowledged. It's criminal behavior on a corporate level sponsored by government.....unless the government wants to take the opinion they are just learning of this now? LMAO!
       While my articles did nothing and this article will likely garner no support or acknowledgement I'd like to point out the alternative options I had. I could have easily targeted a single person such as Don Bowie or Dr. Allan Woo and chosen the harsh road which guarantees reactions. For Don Bowie I should have beaten him half to death in the Fit Program in City hospital the day my injury was discovered.....I ended up defrauded without any acknowledgement of my injury. If I had permanently crippled Mr. Bowie while standing in the Fit Program there would have been a juicy story for our media and perhaps government/health care would have been interested somehow?? My decades of considerable patience, tact, and courtesy were to honor the request of my parents to expose this issue without harsh means being implemented. For Allan Woo if I had beat him half to death in his office the day he berated me and severely discriminated against me then perhaps something may have happened there as well. Point being.....being patient and trusting the system to help only ensures you are victimized and taken advantage of for being kind in the first place. After twenty years I firmly believe somebody will need to be beaten half to death or murdered before these topics will be relevant to government and media. I bumped into Dr. Allan Woo recently and had the opportunity to act.....I chose to laugh in his face for the mentally disturbed irrationally thinking asshole he is. Such losers of society like Bowie and Woo aren't worth me exerting myself but made excellent examples of the worst within our society. :D
    To summarize, the Saskatchewan government knows full well what occurs and has been informed of the loopholes and how to close them. Our "justice" system and our "human rights" organizations refuse to acknowledge anything either. What a terrific level of criminal negligence and severe ignorance to operate at. Our Human Rights Commission does not serve the public equally not fairly and operates under political agendas rather than human rights representation.
     The blog southsasksoutherner was created to expose and confirm filth politics and double standards of law for certain agencies/minorities. Saskatchewan Justice and the Human Rights Commission has been exposed as people using political agendas like toddlers rather than any form of responsible accountable service that actually serves the public fairly. Note that all topics within the blog are deliberately ignored by media. My blog was also created to prove we have no media standards, just standards to our media propaganda.
      Ignoring the Fundamental Freedoms and Human Rights of Canadians so an insurer can make more money has been done in Saskatchewan for decades. Fact. If our justice system feels different and wants to take the weak opinion that they serve the public equally, they may now pursue me in a civil court for the next ten years to prove it. My articles have exposed complete lack of ethics, morals, accountability, and responsibility. The Human Rights Commission is a failure of a public service, and I'll be presenting two more issues publicly this year to prove that fact.


Friday, March 13, 2020

Saskatoon Medical Association and College of Physicians: Total Failure to Acknowledge Human Rights Offenses

 They say there's a time and place for everything. I've realized the opportunity for me to proceed in regards to advocating regarding this particular topic. It's the twentieth anniversary of an injury for me. You'd think the memories of the accident and the change/loss in life would be foremost in my mind, but for a person that underwent what I did it's the trauma from seeking medical attention and help for the injury.
      My experience was disturbing and discriminatory. I gave my word I'd be back if people ignored my injury and attacked my character. The belief I was even injured was seen as unreasonable and obstinate. Leaving a hospital, being discharged from care, and ignoring the injury was the insurer's and practitioner's choices. I've written and exposed the criminal negligence of a former Saskatoon City Police detective while employed via SGI as an "injury claim adjuster". The bullying via a Crown Corporation employee and the insurance industry was documented in detail.....because in reality it was far too overwhelming to believe it was occurring. There's an open invitation to both WCB and SGI to step outside or into court at any time regarding the topics I've written about and exposed. The disinformation and lack of responsible practitioners from my SGI experience made matters quite complicated and unpleasant ten years later in WCB.
       I can factually say that the reality of my injury has been confirmed by both insurers- through direct re-injury or severe aggravation to the now existing injuries. Neither insurer wants to discuss how they were unable to consider my opinions and beliefs about my own body only to have my injury present itself as reality in their "physical rehabilitation".
      I've met about twenty people across Canada that have had experiences like mine or worse. I have verification that certain practitioners are indeed berating, bullying, and shaming injured people regularly. There is indeed practitioners that will use their valued medical opinions to write false information or ignore an injury altogether. When this happens it has devastating effects to the injured person's life and can lead to totally wrong actions and opinions occurring as a result. When practitioners use a person's medical consultation as a opportunity to berate, shame, and scold a person WHILE ignoring the reality of a proven injury.......sooner or later that person might meet me.
       I am aware of the current organizations/options available to file a concern such as I speak of. I had discussions with the Saskatoon Medical Association and the College of Physicians & Surgeons many years ago and thought they were humorous if not useless options for filing complaints. The reality is that practitioner's are allowed to act as wooden nickel prostitutes on behalf of insurer's, assisting insurer's in minimizing costs and returning people to work as soon as possible.
      In my situation my ribs were sticking out the front of my chest. Toddlers, dogs, total strangers, etc could see the problem and recognize the reality of the injury.....while the two insurer's for injury insurance have miserably failed. WCB and SGI have verified the reality of the injury through me suffering re-injury in their physical rehabilitation system. This is why I have come humiliate and expose those that were so exceptionally ignorant and stupid as to ignore my human rights and assume an all knowing mindset. I underwent an attack on my character, motivations, and motives as a person in place of medical help in 2000.
     So it's twenty years later and I write articles. Politics are cutthroat in 2020. There has been no development to any court or public service to assist the public regarding the topics I raise, and what results from the public having no options? The current Chair of the Board of the Saskatoon Medical Association is Dr. Allan Woo. While a good surgeon, Mr. Woo is a disgusting person. He has for over a decade berated, personally attacked, and shamed injured people simply attending medical consultations seeking help. His irrational behaviors border on severe psychological problems and this man never had any actual education nor rights to do what he's done. He is abusive, lacks understanding and empathy, and effectively assists WCB and SGI through his actions and behaviors.          There is no accountability within insurance systems leaving jerkoffs like Dr. Woo to freely abuse injured people without recourse or repercussion. The fact that such a prick has become Chair of the Board of the SMA speaks VOLUMES regarding the ethics and motivations of our health care providers within our injury insurance systems. :) Look where the continued lack of ethics, morals, and accountability have led.......
        Mr. Woo's irrational scolding and berating of myself in 2009 was shocking and humiliating. To this day I'm amazed I kept my composure and didn't act immediately. I have a rare and misunderstood injury and it's directly due to the actions and behaviors of the practitioners seen within insurance systems. I found myself under complete attack from an asshole that was going to prove I wasn't injured. I was stunned to be asked to perform functions I rarely attempt due to proven and real pain indicators. This man was supposed to help somehow and was one of few people that could order medical testing in attempts to learn something. Mr. Woo blatantly shared he believed I had wasted his invaluable time by even attending the appointment and that there was nothing wrong with me. I only had two choices of action: Beg for medical testing or cold-cock the man where he stood.......Mr. Woo's life could have ended or drastically changed that day, but despite the events of my life I held true to having some type of faith in our health care. I begged to be medically tested....something that not one practitioner within SGI's system would do at the time of the actual injury. It is the only time I ever recall truly begging in my life.
      I was not attending that surgical consultation via my own request. WCB Saskatchewan was shocked to learn that I'd never had any medical testing regarding my injury, and offered to try. They simply called me up and asked if I'd try.....if they'd get me a consultation. Although I had a terrible history of being attacked more for believing I was injured than anything else I attended the consultation. I was understandably upset at the outcome of the "consultation" and issued a letter to WCB within twenty four hours. WCB was insistent that they were going to follow up regarding what happened.
   The articles I've written and the Facebook page "SGI is Fraud" has led me to meet many others that have been through similar experiences (or considerably worse). I noticed in December 2019 that another man had faced the irrational ignorance/hate of Dr. Woo....but may have been effected to a serious degree as a result of a mistake made by Dr. Woo. The gentleman adopted much the same strategy as myself and advocates online against the injury insurance system as I have. Without him knowing it Mr. Bruce Junker gave third party confirmation of Dr. Woo's behavior and of the legal requirements I consider when pondering the notion to go public.
     Upon confirmation that Dr. Woo currently chairs the board at the Saskatoon Medical Association I contacted them. They seemed to think my request to have him removed was humorous, and once again the SMA referred me to the College of Physicians/Surgeons. I chose not to file any complaint in 2009 nor do I care to now....but Mr. Junker has. He had the unpleasant experience with the College that I knew would occur if I filed anything formally. The worst result from a a patient's complaint is an internal oversight committee holding some "educational" talks with the practitioner. I'm always interested in the loopholes within public services that allow abuse to injured people seeking help within an insurance system.
    How dare I? Who am I to do this or take this position? I'm the man with the amazingly easy to understand blatant injury that has had his reality tossed in the trash twice by insurance systems in choice of a criminally negligent and discriminatory insurance process. I am also the man that authored and presented 13 recommendations (about 19 years ago) to government regarding education/oversight/accountability of our insurance companies. The only recommendation totally ignored was the very detailed notion to hold insurers, practitioners, and third party organizations accountable for insurance fraud and criminal negligence, just like an injured person is held to. How quaint and convenient for WCB and SGI! As for the human rights of people claiming injuries?
     I'm a man of my word. I issued a stern warning to the "treatment team" of the Fit for Active Living Program (eighth floor of City Hospital Saskatoon) nineteen-and-a-half years ago. After being asked about the vastly hostile report against me written and filed by Saskatoon Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Centre (SMRC) I made this promise: If the attack against my character and motivations didn't stop.....if the disinformation and ignorance towards what I believed to be a serious rib injury continued and I ended up being hurt bad?........I'd return to take a flamethrower to the entire system that did it.
       I still hadn't understood. I was a kid. Naive. I was put through a cookie cutter system too hell bent on discrediting a person's claim to acknowledge the reality and severity of an injury. It was easier to spend months at a hospital telling me the injury was simply a measure of pain I needed to work through and get over, all the while assuring me that any found injury could be dealt with no problem. I was in a hospital, I was safe. Sure was a lot of scared practitioners crying and a quick discharge after the severity of the injury was verified. I suppose it was mere coincidence that I was discharged from the hospital program and the injury was deemed by a third party to be of no concern directly afterward.
      It is the actions and attitudes of pathetic and shallow men like Dr. Woo that keep human rights for injured people in the dark.....whereas is it the reaction and attitude of a real man that returns to change things for the better after being wronged. Current politics dictate Dr. Woo go bye bye and face repercussions....unless of course there is a double standard in our laws? :) Perhaps if I were of a perceived minority status the exceptionally relevant topics and recommendations for the improvement of human rights would have been considered......sometime......within the last twenty years? I DID SAY I was going to come back, so........this is an adequate start. We'll use my ribs sticking out for eight months and an entire insurance system AND hospital failing to acknowledge the reality of an injury as example. How'd ya do that?
     I actually have extensive psychological records verifying that my own thoughts and perceptions are accurate and logical about my any of the practitioners unable to grasp reality of my injury have records indicating that their thoughts, actions, and opinions were rational and logical? Is it rational and acceptable that after twenty years we still have the same systems in place with the same loopholes and lack of accountability? Really? Nobody? No ideas of development for decades? Wow! How many millions of dollars are saved via insurance payouts as a result of disinformation and redundant appeal processes?
     The worst thing for an insurance industry is complete exposure of their tactics and loopholes to escape accountability/responsibility. Dr. Allan Woo is a terrific example. If he didn't want to be referred to perhaps he shouldn't have humiliated so many people over the years. ;) The SMA and College of Physicians can continue to ignore the topics just like WCB and SGI ignore proven injuries. :) This province was given twenty years through two governments to correct the proven facts presented do you like me now?


Thursday, February 6, 2020

Leftist Anti-Oil Union Extremists Achieve Sponsorship Via NDP Leaders

   When groups of people don't want to follow any rule of law, where bullying/intimidation Antifa style irrational tactics are usually gets my attention. While I was politely inquiring about Darin Milo and learning about such "collaborative efforts" as the Regina District Labor Council I couldn't help but notice Mr. Ryan Meili proudly post his endorsement of both. We've had quite the labor dispute in Regina! Extremists from all over Canada have turned a complicit labor negotiation into a hostile battle of ignorance and stupidity.
     I've lost count how many people have been arrested, or how many thousands of dollars Unifor has been fined. It was all very predictable when National Unifor extremists decided to come and bully a western Canadian oil company. I've been a CO-OP member all my life. We've certainly moved into an arena of irrational thought process and illogical behaviors bordering on mentally delusions. But why? Can it have anything to do with NDP leaders traveling to the very blockade in Regina to sponsor extremist illegal activity? :)
     Not only Ryan Meili sponsored the behaviors and chose to make it more political by attempting to blame Scott Moe for not doing something.....Captain Double Standard (Anti-Oil anti-Christian bigot Jagmeet Singh) also had to travel to the site and be with his extremist supporters. Now out of province bullying tactics are keeping barricades in place and are costing this province $3,000,000-$5,000,000 a day. The blockades are effecting farmers, businesses.....the public. So while we see these devoted visits by the Provincial and Federal NDP leaders their shallow and cheap ethics have done nothing but inspire more extremist behaviors.
     CO-OP makes one simple request to negotiate: That the illegal barricades are removed allowing business to occur. The public will very quickly tire of these extremists bullying our oil company. Many Alberta and Saskatchewan residents don't have pensions at all, and to them 6% would be a great deal. And where are we at with the development and use of extremist intimidation tactics?? The Regina Police Service is currently investigating what appears to be CO-OP Manager's homes getting shot at with a paintball gun. WTF? Now what type of behaviors and active collaborations would lead to that happening? My questions to the leaders Darin Milo, Jerry Diaz, Ryan Meili, and Jagmeet Singh is: How extreme do you get? Are people going to be hunted in their homes? What exactly do "you people" sponsor and participate in? ;) 
      I've already exposed Mr. Darin Milo and for good reason. I firmly believe such extremist leftist collaborations and unethical/cowardly tactics is exactly how people's houses can get shot up. Perhaps if home owners had more GUN RIGHTS the guilty people would have been found already- with holes in them! LMAO! Darin Milo has a history of suggesting groups of people go and "speak" to individuals and other online bullying tactics, and Mr. Meili was proud to be around him. The leftist cowardly shallow NDP extremist tactics aren't appreciated in Conservative Saskatchewan.... :)
   For Christ's some morals and ethics.

Friday, January 24, 2020

The Left of the Left Extremists in Saskatchewan?

    Thank you to the person that sent me a copy of this posting. I'm not anti-Union, in fact I have two years's experience as a Union Local President. I'm not totally anti-Crown Corporation, but I've had some vastly unpleasant dealings with a Crown Corporation left unrecognized. I am however anti-left extremist and anti-filth politics.

     I recently wrote an article regarding Darin Milo and his Antifa style of online shaming attacks. Darin is the Vice President of the Regina District Labor Council. I'd asked the President of RDLC (Shobna Radons) about Darin Milo but as many others she was content hiding where Darin Milo works. Nobody has been interested in discussing the online bullying tactics of Darin Milo nor where he works. Wow. Geez. Shucky darns. I just want to have a nice chat with Mr. Milo's Employer and Union President about ethics, morals.....and behaving as a man rather than a cheap leftist extremist idiot. I'd like to know what type of Employer and what type of Union want to back Mr. Milo's ethics and behavior as a Union member and employee? I'm very interested in exactly when labor "leaders" decided to adopt and implement bullying and intimidation tactics against a person for a single comment. How ethical, how...."just".
     That's the Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili who is PROUD to stand with Darin and Shobna. As stated in my last article it was easy to find information that Darin Milo and his merry band of social justice warrior extremists was directly involved with the NDP......and Unifor members. Sure is funny how some Unions have become radicalized and have entered into formal politics, like Unifor.
     Wasn't it Unifor that just held the largest Unionized outspoken public campaign against a Conservative leader ever? And wasn't it Unifor that bragged about likely being the difference to cost the Conservatives the win in the 2019 Canadian election? I've never seen a Union spend that much on such a campaign.....glad they had the consent of all those that loyally and faithfully paid their dues!
      So this week Unifor President Jerry Diaz rolls into Regina and was gonna teach the evil CO-OP oil company about how difficult life can be.....under Union extremist tactics. Jerry Diaz (Jer-bear, The Jer-ster, the Jer-meister) got his ass tossed in jail within 24 hours for breach of a court condition. Then the imported Unifor extremists got their Union fined $100,000! See the humor yet? The very same Union taking credit for ensuring an EVER RISING carbon tax stays in place and Western Canadian oil companies are met with nothing but costly challenges in the comes into Saskatchewan and uses bullying tactics AGAINST an oil company? This is another anti-oil attack by anti-oil extremists and nothing else. Calling it something to do with worker's rights and benefits? How sad and pathetic. CO-OP needs to make changes based upon what has occurred in Federal politics....perhaps Unifor should look in the mirror when considering where to place the blame. :) As a former Union President I can confidently state that a labor leader should COMMAND respect not DEMAND respect.
      I've had chats with the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour and the Labour of Congress this week, letting them know of this leftist extremist activity. It is my opinion that organizations such as the "Regina District Labour Council" may actually be nothing more than committees for leftist extremists from multiple Unions to "collaborate". ;) I now see the organizational internal movement to deliver a double standard of all Canadian public services and criminal laws. :) I knew it had to be organized and delivered by some mechanism of proven implementation.....and multi-Union leftist groups meeting to discuss how to deliver garbage filth politics must be very effective. Kudos to the left of the left. :D 

Friday, January 10, 2020

Saskatchewan NDP = ANTIFA=ARC

     Over the few last months I've pondered a question asked to me by a social media justice warrior. A coward that organized an attack against my business online last summer asked me what kind of business owner would make the kind of controversial online comments such as I have? This group of people hadn't done any research into who they were attacking or read any of my articles. The only care and intent was to discredit me, shame me....and attempt to convince the public to boycott my business. There was very clear intent suggesting that a group of people may come from Saskatoon or Regina (or both cities) to "talk" to me. Nothing like a shallow public threat that you might be lynched at your home or business.... This was the second online attack against myself or my business since opening. Shaming tactics and bullying a small business owner has become a standard of society in Canada.
     The last time an indication of threat was used on me I provided a specific statement to the threat....and underwent a trial for my every word and tone in what was a hilarious fiasco. Were I not an experienced civil rights advocate somewhat fluent regarding civil and criminal laws in Canada I'd have been lynched by a politically motivated Crown Prosecutor over nothing.. I am an anti-left advocate by nature. The pressure on me has worsened as I've written political based articles and advocated for the Confederate flag. I'm supposed to get the idea to shut up or else. While the second attack was amazingly similar to the online personal attack just after I opened my business a year ago, this second incident was much larger and better organized. It involved three times more people and the tactics displayed indicated set goals with experience in shallow ethics and morals.
    Sharia shaming and hate propaganda has become commonplace in Saskatchewan. It's reached us. We have substantial numbers acting on notions like climapanic rather than reality and logic. People are gathering as groups to terrorize people online (or in person) for anything considered politically incorrect by the left. The garbage mentality of filth politics has now replaced most respect or courtesy that existed in politics or social media. I've remained heavily involved through the past four years of national "politics" with intentions of stopping after the 2019 election. I've recently quit the Conservative Party and choose to focus on Saskatchewan "politics" moving forward.
     The filth politics of the left that is used against the Confederate now used towards Canadian history and Canadians across Canada. Everyday Canadians are deemed racist for even attempting to protest or speak out against anything of the left. The very notion of being white is considered offensive and being sold as privileged to Canadian minorities. Any opposition to the left's notion of mass immigration and deliberate illegal immigration faces the stigma of being a white supremacist/racist. Anyone wanting more gun rights for the many land/property owners being badly victimized throughout this province are shamed as obtuse and too "American-like". There is a growing resentment and hate towards whites in Saskatchewan and throughout Canada. It should not be and cannot be ignored any longer. Our public services need to be converted to serve equal rights instead of minority versus a white Christian majority.
     Our public services and court systems don't serve white people and people with white heritage the same as any perceived minority. Canada has become liberally molested with the worst of moral behaviors and the most shallow of standards. This has become apparent within Saskatchewan the last few years. When I took a look at the people that attacked me last summer it was quite easy to tell what political party they supported and were directly involved in: The Saskatchewan NDP.
      You might say the NDP and I don't get along that well.....I went to them years ago when they were in power and offered to clearly show how Saskatchewan Government Insurance was massively offending the Human Rights of people injured in MVA's. Lorne Calvert (then leader of the NDP and the Premier at the time, also my MLA at that time) responded by saying he didn't know of any such thing. He then forwarded my information to the Minister of SGI at the time.....who concluded the same and closed the issue without serious consideration. The Human Rights offenses I'd proven and reported to the highest levels were swept aside. It is of absolutely no surprise that years later I'd find NDP supporters (and members) among those involved in actions of low to no moral value.
       So I'll answer the question. What type of business owner?......One that was prepared to deal with the online bullying and shaming by cowards and losers. One that will proactively advocate for equal rights, responsibility, and accountability for all- and I'll always be a knife and gun advocate. One that already went to a criminal court and successfully argued that I'm not like anything my accusers stated I am. One with twenty years law and civil advocacy research/experience. One that retires bullies, exposes fraud and criminal negligence- while providing a memorable educational experience for the left. One that developed his private advocacy into several strategies and styles such as something called "wounded bear syndrome".....which leaves a group of bullies feeling as though they'd tried to rape an injured bear. One that developed his speed and style of writing to be very precise and strategic. One that will employ and reciprocate tenfold the bullying brought against me.
    Did you notice the increase in garbage ethics and irrational notions replacing logic in 2019? Social justice warriors trespassing to steal and focus hate towards the Confederate flag by burning it, with the media focusing a story only of the Confederate flag and how it's a hate symbol? It was sure quickly taken from the guy flying two controversial flags in Kelliher to how the Confederate flag was pure evil. I thanked CTV for the best piece of jaded hate filled media propaganda regarding the Confederate flag possible. CTV designed their news story with full knowledge that I am a Heritage Not Hate advocate and have a Veteran's display in my store. They made the political choice to skip anything positive for a message of hate. Confirmation of media controlled hate propaganda in Saskatchewan, the next logical step after ignorance of reality and censorship. Ain't that right CTV?
       After the unethical immoral CTV "news" story it gave the public cause for panic upon any sighting of a Confederate flag. When a few kids decided to buy and display a few flags at the Saskatoon Exibition an irrational panic took place. A young social justice warrior "lady" records the youth against their will and immediately starts publicly shaming them. The vendor selling the flag gets banned from selling the flags, and again the notion that it's wrong to fly a Confederate flag is broadcast through our news. I extended invitations for ALL people and media involved to take their slutty whorish lowlife ethics to the Human Rights Commission.....just crickets in response. The best though was when a car painted as the General Lee (to raise money for a MENTAL HEALTH fundraiser) was in fact attacked for being visible to any public. People were totally discriminatory at this point, having tossed all logic out the window for irrational notions. The notion has been planted that you can and will be confronted for even the display of a Confederate flag. Saskatchewan was partially settled and grown by the descendants of some Southerners just as it was Northerners. These people have rights to that history, lineage, and heritage. I nor anybody else should be worried about whether or not they will be lynched for flying a Confederate flag. Not in this country. Canada used to be the soap box of Freedoms to protect the history and lineage of a country.....Canadian media chose hate propaganda over three simple words- Heritage Not Hate.
      Busy year of advocacy for me. ;) Had to come clean at trial and testify as to the true intentions of my online activity and blog articles the past four years. For the first time ever my advocacy was tested in a criminal court, and to the utter astonishment of many it stood firm and proved worthy and correct. I'm no longer the kid petitioning public services or going through appeals processes to learn, I'm the businessman of twenty years that was a learning civil advocate and building developer on the side the entire time. As I stated to the judge at trial....water will not be lightly shed off the duck's back any longer now that I am totally self employed. What I'll let slide working for others I'll not tolerate as a businessman. This recent dozen leftist advocates didn't phase me in the slightest.
       I rarely pick fights but I finish them once provoked. Leaving your attackers/bullies unexposed and unknown assures they may build on their strategy and return.....As for the group that attacked me and my business- perhaps it is time a group of leftist online social justice warriors become educated by a Canadian patriot. I can always take time off from crucifying large insurers to give credit where credit is due. For this education I'll be adopting the left's mentality of photos and public exposure/proof of criminal negligence/hate:

        The group launched a series of false and negative reviews against my business profile rather than contacting/confronting me. Norman Ross Ledoux and Shane Partridge label not only me but my business racist. To clarify the concern regarding me thinking shooting a 12 year old Indigenous boy okay....age and race have nothing to do with it. Any kid/teenager wielding machetes and bear spray should be considered dangerous when breaking into a home. I advocate for gun rights for house/property owners to shoot any serious threat to themselves/family. If people allow their children to run around in gangs at 12 years old it's not the care nor concern of the home owner protecting their family. As a landlord of nearly twenty years I can personally provide many very sad examples of what I've found and experienced via trying to rent to social services recipients, but out of kindness do not. Saskatchewan has particular and severe social irresponsibility issues that need attending to.

      The well known leftist extremist social justice warrior of filth politics (instigator, organizer, bully) Darin Milo decided he was judge and jury for me and my business. Darin is also Vice President of the Regina District Labour Council. Among the list of names he provided are active Saskatchewan NDP supporters/volunteers, Unifor members/supporters, Saskatchewan Coalition Against Racism members, Colonialism No More members, and anti-white/anti-oil advocates. These people are also involved with Justice For Colten regarding a controversial shooting of a native youth, so the last thing they want of course is a white guy speaking about gun rights for property owners. This was a very deliberate attack by a seasoned group of illegitimate leftist causes with goals to boycott a business. The irrational behavior and jumping to conclusions begins immediately when Karen Serenity Swan states perhaps somebody should call the RCMP. Note the devotion to Ryan Meli and fear/assumption that I may be Christian. Darin Milo suggests people should come into my store/home to confront me.
     This group shows their mentality and logic quickly. Karen suggests a van load of people should deliberately enter the store and hold a "conversation" with me. Karen also suggests it should be those that I've "disparaged"....wonder if that meant the 12 year old gang members with machetes and bear spray? Darin's comment above confirms discussions had been held, and groups from both Saskatoon and Regina were considering such. Again Shane Partridge uses completely irrational logic/mentality when declaring my Facebook advocacy page as far right conspiracy......such wisdom for a NDP supporter with a history of hard drugs and a criminal record. All of the above was posted on my business Facebook page with terrible reviews of the store. I'd been tracking these types of attacks on patriots throughout Canada for four years, and expected at some point it was going to be my turn.

     So a fine example of how pathetic our universities have become decides to add her wisdom and education. When researching Jaime L. Reban it was clear this person has some serious mental issues with whites that border on hate. It's a shame our teaching institutions are selling our youth such shallow sad crap as to question the history and lineage of another country while assuming expert status. Fake reviews on my business page and false accusations makes this young lady fair play. This bigoted racist owes Southerners an apology. This person was too blinded by hate and anger to mentally register what "Heritage Not Hate" means and to acknowledge history. Note the hate is not only directed to me as an individual but my entire lineage in this country. I've been tracking the development and use of white hate and attacking a country's lineage/history. Great example of it being fully used in Saskatchewan. Thank you Jaime.


     Next example is Del Crow. Del is brave I'll give him that. Del is one of the protesters from the squatters protest in Regina a few years ago, as Darin was.  He chose to take a Southern pride post of mine with the infamous Southern gentleman/historian Shelby Foote.....and attacked with hate against all Southern whites. Because of severe resentment and hate towards whites Del is totally ignorant regarding actual history or reality. Del decided to follow me on social media after this attack. He's a mentally unstable squatter/protester hellbent to do the right social justice warrior type thing against the evil scourge that is white man. He's certainly not very thankful to the lineage of Southerners that have for generations advocated for Indigenous rights in Canada. While Del crow is truly disgusting and completely uneducated he's a fine example of a person that's bought into the politics and propaganda of pushing a notion rather than acknowledge reality. Attempt to discredit and shame people in the hopes they back down and go away, it's a common strategy used by leftist extremists. I found this mentality common among active NDP supporters and white haters alike. These are Antifa tactics, extremist tactics.
      Besides helping organize the attack Darin Milo was also an active participant. Here he is suggesting I support slavery while another family member joins in. Apparently online hate attacks are a family affair at the Milo's! My opinion (put politely) is that Brandon Milo was pooped from Darin Milo. Brandon was quick to join the online attack and quick to insult my character and intelligence. He was quite quick and brazen and some young men can be. Not sure if generational fetal alcohol syndrome had a play in his reasoning or not, but he received a personal guarantee he'd be thanked for such cheap ethics and accusations. He's three times the idiot Darin is and twice the instigator. He'll make a terrible teacher and I certainly wouldn't want him ever teaching any of my kids.
       What these people hadn't realized is they attacked a man who pursued and retired a few bullies for a hobby, ringing doorbells of homes and visiting bullies at their workplaces. :) The best effective way to end a bully is providing a life changing educational experience. This was a group looking for any type of reaction from me they could "expose" online or take to police as a possible threat. This is common criminal mischief among cowards and leftists using filth politics in place of reason. Other than possibly disrupting Darin and Brandon Milo from a dink touching session those two bigots hoped for a serious reaction from the Confederate flag advocate.
     The Milo's will absolutely LOVE my upcoming article regarding American history and the lineage of Canadian Southerners. I wanted to field a wide variety of attacks and have ample examples of mentally delusional leftists using double standards when I publish it. I've come to understand my Southern resolve very well. It's not the Confederate flag so much that the leftist extremists's the level of resolve that has historically been displayed by those that have flown the Confederate flag honorably. Only when I think I've taken the brunt of the hate, propaganda, threats, insults, boycotts, and bullshit would I provide a rebuttal. 2019 provided every example I could ever require while filth politics consumed this country nationally.

Another example of deliberate hate because of a notion regarding a historic flag. Heather Firemoon (NDP) could have asked a question or perhaps contacted me privately to seek answers....but instead chose to employ shaming and filth politics against my business. Heather Firemoon was apparently in my store but could not comprehend a car from a television show or a Heritage Not Hate flag as anything but bigotry. The attacks against white lineage and Canadian history require advocacy representation. I'll be busy moving forward advocating for white/Christian EQUAL rights to others. I'll also be advocating for property owners to have easier access to  legally usable weapons to defend against inner city gangs and groups of rural thieves. If Heather were attacked in such a manner? Her last name would guarantee a call for justice for the white people attacking her....but in the current double standard of trashy laws Canada is run by these types of racist bigoted attack is allowed.
While Darin Milo shames and argues anyone attempting to confront him, he also confirms his goals and overall strategy against my business. Brandon Milo thought it was very funny to joke about the shaming and to critique my writing capabilities. I never did hear anything back from Brandon regarding any type of ethical debate in a court of law or Human Rights office....many shallow people without any decent human morals are never heard from again after being invited. That's how shallow and pathetic people like Darin Milo's are......only shaming tactics and filth ethics from a distance, no real substance or character as a man. These two men had nothing of intelligence, ethics, or rationale to actually challenge a public shaming campaign was implemented against me. The actions of a man and whether or not he finishes what he sets out to do shows the character of the men where I come from.....neither of these two would understand anything about that. :)

    While I pointed out the terrible state of Canada's double standards within our politics, public services, and judicial system throughout 2019, I noticed another leftist extremist NDP'er choosing not to confront me but attack my business online. Funny how a person using online bullying and sharia shaming as a standard would have a problem being confronted over it. The woman disliked being called a ditsy bimbo but was okay accusing me of considerably worse. Heather went further attacking my business. It's hilarious how woman leftist extremists demand the double standard yet hide behind the premise of treating them ladylike. Speak firmly or speak down to a woman uttering trash and you're still a devil "in the wrong". I found it hilarious when she then claimed to be an equal rights advocate.....just one that shames businesses using her opinion as judge and jury! lol

   Heather McKechnie realized far too late that her online bullying and shaming of others was captured and going to be used in this article. She attempts to state she doesn't give me permission to use her name (typical delusional NDP)....after her scathing public comments on my business profile? Right-O! I awaited the outcome of the 2019 election before moving forward with this article and decided to include Heather. Just more verification of NDP using Antifa style tactics online....
     After viewing Singh's comments and seeing his performance I'll state he's an awesome leader for the current leftist extremist status of the NDP like Heather. He is of minority status and plays the double standards written into Canada's Human Right's beautifully. Sikh's wearing turbans claim special considerations should exempt them from wearing helmets on motorcycles because of religious belief, yet Mr. Singh was able to willingly and selectively remove his Turban when petitioning for votes in Quebec leading up to the 2019 election. Clear contradiction and inconsistency of supposed religious belief, but question a minority and it's racism....
     During "Scheer madness" one of the many attacks against Andrew Scheer was regarding the choices regarding abortion, religion/values of leaders, and attending Pride parades. Mr. Singh was ruthless regarding how Mr. Scheer's Catholic religious beliefs effected his personal decisions on these matters and that those views would be bad for Canada. Meanwhile Mr. Singh was able to reassure everyone how his Sikh beliefs and background were "more in tune" with current trends and demands of Canadians. It wasn't a high school popularity contest. Mr. Singh's comments and attitude were bigoted and racist towards Catholics and suggestive that their personal beliefs should exempt them from being able to lead a party. If anyone suggested Sikh beliefs incompatible to lead Canadians that'd be racist folks. White Christian guy baaaaaad, non-white minority guy goooooood. Successfully used double standards played a part in our 2019 Federal election. On a fair playing field of equal rights people like Heather McKechnie and Jagmeet Singh would be destroyed due to shallow ethics and very little to no logic. I happily remind the "equal rights" leftist advocates that practicing sharia shaming in Canada isn't recommended. To clarify dear Heather's's the illegal immigrants let in through the illegal border crossing in Quebec the last four years I'm critical about and believe should be deported.....while the NDP would let more in and give everyone pharmacare.

     So here we are and here I am! Mr. Darin Milo wanted to know what type of business owner I was that makes such he knows. These comments were made in jest just recently after (yet another) 12 year old career criminal started a massive fire in a Walmart in Regina Saskatchewan. Instead of being harsh and negative calling for accountability and/or responsibility I was passively forgiving and overly kind to the situation. It wasn't minutes after mentioning Darin Milo's name that he started commenting. Ever playing the part of the hero he brags about the online attack against my business and states he is happy if he's caused me trouble. I'm a private advocate that wanted to display how white hate and bigotry towards anything white/Christian works.....and my business plan was designed to withstand political attacks.
        I'm forever a Confederate flag advocate for very positive and valid reasons. I'm suggestive to Darin Milo with these comments (on the Regina Leader Post's news posting) that perhaps I'm considering wanting to play a hand in leftist extremist tactics. After consultation with the RCMP this group's behaviors and actions were found to be legal. Perfect! They may be piss poor excuses of actual advocates and shallow human beings but their actions do not warrant any type of criminal mischief charges nor anything else. It reminded me of what the judge said at my fake trial "Mr. Pippin is indeed bringing up some pertinent and relevant points in his testimony that while not relevant in this court.......".
       So I asked Darin.....whom on your list should be targeted? If it was okay for a group to attack my business and attack a single person based upon a comment.....which person did Darin recommended be targeted by a group? Brandon Milo? Where should a group be dispatched from? Surely if my entire lineage should move to Mississippi the same mentality can apply to a member of the left? Nope.....not in this limp wristed Liberal leftist NDP lunatic area of perversion we call politics. The double standard doesn't allow it.
      In my very experienced opinion these individuals are but one step away from hunting and terrorizing white advocates....the few brave enough to speak. Several people like myself have undergone criminal trials over nothing but whorish Nazi style politics.....with the ever present Antifa pecking away. This article was to point out Antifa style antics and tactics being used and implemented by Saskatchewan NDP, and to point out the overlap found with Darin Milo and his group of merry social media terrorists. Saskatchewan NDP= Antifa= ARC. This is but a group of pathetic individuals, pathetic horseshit causes, and disgusting social media self proclaimed justice warriors. All were invited to the Human Rights Commission but their ethics had no follow through. My advocacy has follow through.
       On December 28th/2019 a Canadian patriot's home was attacked and breached in southeastern Saskatchewan. The limited story thus far (while media ignores/downplays the attack of white hate) is that this was a gang initiation.....but the ages are too old. It is my extremely experienced opinion that the leftist social justice warriors may in fact be giving names and information to younger gangs to follow up on. It was a brazen and bold attack on a well known Canadian patriot white man like myself. It may have been a targeted act of hate. The style of attack gives considerable merit to the need and notion of Canadian property owners REQUIRING gun rights and access to guns to effectively deal with the social terrorism we currently see. Equality and accountability are nothing to fear unless you are guilty of taking advantage of a severe double standard and hiding behind it. If four whites kids robbed a Native at gunpoint, stole his car and belongings, and had been on a crime spree prior to that.....there'd be hell to pay and our media whores would be dripping from the crotch. Hear anything on the news about yet more waves of violent criminal activity via Indigenous? Nope. Double standards dictate only whites are racist and our Indigenous cannot be reported in a realistic fashion. They just vent and it's white people's fault.....that's the Koolaid we're forced to drink.
    We have a leftist extremist overlap of NDP, Unifor, ARC, Antifa.....and there's oodles of Antifa antics everywhere. If our Human Rights Commission wasn't the Minority Rights Commission we'd have quite the topics to discuss. My online commenting since my trial is made under assumption Canada is not a free country (that's something I learned twenty years ago seeking medical treatment for an injury). As for proving there's a double standard and that minorities are favored under our Human Rights Code thanks to these people for the information. The fact I stood trial for every word and tone and this group of fanatical idiots isn't charged proves the double standard within our public services and police agencies. The opportunity for a lawsuit is getting quite large.
      I don't mind pointing out irrational behaviors, mental problems, gang style tactics, bullying, and shaming found with our politically left NDP Antifa, Anti-racist groups. Perhaps these lunatics should keep in mind that their tactics can be used against them. A single person can be singled out. Darin Milo is rumored to be a Crown employee. No Union nor Crown agency/representative would share where he can be found, otherwise it'd be listed in this article as well. Darin Milo is a shallow coward of a man with little to no morals....and a wonderful representative of NDP, Antifa, and "Anti-racist" groups. :)