Wednesday, March 8, 2017


     The events within Canada the past few weeks have prompted me to write this. I waited until International Women's Day to release it in honor of women and their contributions.
       I have in the past been very critical and vastly unforgiving to television/newspaper media for not releasing pertinent information or manipulating news to create public bias. The Quebec mosque shooting was not any different as the media sources I was following all had roughly the same reports of two shooters of which at least one was middle eastern. Both men were reported to be yelling alah akbar. This was confirmed by media to be from actual witnesses to the incident using social media prior to most television reports. If you weren't watching closely you likely didn't notice the two completely different accounts of the shooting. The second account was verified by the Prime Minister of Canada himself in a lightning quick defensive phone call to Fox News. It was Trudeau's quickest and most passionate response since taking power in 2015. The corrected version was that the shooting was enacted by a single white man while a Muslim guy tried to help or assist in public safety somehow. It was amazingly discovered almost immediately that the white guy was a Trump "liker" and possibly an angry Conservative Canadian. All of a sudden we have evil right wing Canadian terrorists within our midst hell bent on attacking Muslims? We cannot jump to conclusions regarding a dangerous right wing contingent possibly being harmful to Muslims just as we are not to assume that all Muslims are islamic extremists full of hate. Based upon facts and recent events, one could easily conclude that the young impressionable Liberal Frenchman became radicalized into being a hybrid terrorist. The term hybrid terrorist has been a horrific realization for many countries as people have realized that recruitment of individuals native to their country is being attempted to incite violence and kill- for islam. I've never heard of a right wing or alt-right person yelling ahah akbar when attempting to kill many people in a shooting spree.....just islamic jihadist extremists or those that have been radicalized by them. Tough to tell what might have happened with the publication ban, two reported versions,  and censorship now concealing the events. 
       While I'd never said much to anybody I started doing research in 2012 based upon what had developed in Europe. It was a particular presentation given by a well spoken lady named Ingrid Carlqvist referred to as "Absurdistan" that grabbed my attention. It wasn't only what she said or described, it was that the well spoken lady was shamed and censored for speaking out. Her speech describes things we now see in our country: 
         Ingrid's presentation compelled me to do much more research. I started to compare what I found on American patriot blogs to what the major news broadcasters reported. Of the severe concerns and warnings from average European and British people regarding the subversive terrorism they were experiencing, there was no reporting of it from any major media broadcasters. What was spoken of five years ago in Sweden has now arrived and is happening in Canada. While we thankfully do not have the nightmarish problems that Sweden's women and children face, the initial signs of the same are clearly present. I recognized the filth politics Ingrid spoke of and realized the devastation of the same thing occurring in Canada. The very same honorable and kind intentions that Canadians have are the same qualities that allowed the subversive strategy of islam to infiltrate Europe such as in Sweden or Germany. Unless you were following the correct "right wing" blogs the chances of you seeing it on traditionally broadcast news were slim to none.
      Presently in Canada sexual assaults, gun violence, and bladed weapon attacks perpetrated by middle eastern refugees/immigrants have all increased. We have unknowingly allowed an aggressive and hateful belief system/strategy the opportunity to develop and flourish within Canada. Enough time has elapsed and the numbers are considered sufficient, the representation is well entwined now within our political parties and politics. How can I put this nicely....Canada is the new Absurdistan. The United States just got done having their turn, while Europe has about had it with too many turns playing absurdistan. Britain too has been through the experience and is having an absurdistan hangover. Canadian Liberals are the last remaining islamic advocate service operating as a western democratic government that is willing to sacrifice their fellow citizen's safety and security. A once private guy such as myself has decided to not remain silent any longer and I have grown tired of the constant censorship. In the event I have but one opportunity to speak out, I'll do it now in response to the putrid actions recently in our House of Commons.
       I am very proud of the Conservative Members of Parliament. They have been challenged with the utmost of ignorance and filth politics, and have remained honorable and well spoken. They reacted professionally and loyally for Canadians regarding the Liberal notion of M-103 and tabled a much better version. The Conservative wording was inclusive of all, considerate to everyone, and applied to Canadians equally. Liberals felt it pertinent to accuse Conservatives in a press conference of watering down the islamophobia suggestion and playing cheap politics. While I expected Iqra Khalid to be the islamic puppet she is while spewing filth at the press conference, seeing Melanie Joly so vibrantly outspoken against Canadians as our Heritage minister was shocking. These two ladies clearly indicate and have demonstrated the level of filth politics we currently face.
        Since Trudeau took power any opposition about islam has been censored, silenced, or ignored. Canadian television media broadcasters have been feeding the public varied forms of Liberal propaganda, educating us as to how peaceful islam is. The traitorous actions of the Liberals this past year have caused emotions to run high with the public, as they begin to realize nothing is logically adding up. A small women's rights group that had been continually censored on social media and ignored by mainstream media regarding smaller protests attempted a slightly larger one. It was the day after the Liberal's M-103 was supposedly molested by inclusion and equality via the   Conservative MP's. It was also the day that a vibrantly spoken anti-islamic protester had just had his day in court over some things he'd said. On this day these two small groups took a stroll down to a mosque and protested out front of it for free speech and women's rights. So what made the national and international news?? Somebody offended a Muslim, and there must be outrage to this bullying and hating of innocent people by the evil alt-right Canadians ( aka Absurdistanians). The notion of a  group of free people opposing islamic hate was drowned out by Liberal propaganda delivered by the media whores. The perfectly legal and peaceful protest, while politically incorrect, was badly needed and long overdue. It was led by peaceful Canadian patriots and Canadian women, for free speech and women's rights. 
      Islamics have done much more than simply offended Canadians. It was about time they were reminded that Canadian's Freedoms are not to be opposed nor are they available for petitioning at any time. The Canadian opposition of islam will rank considerably higher and louder than any islamic opposition to Canadian Fundamental Freedoms. Islamic values and beliefs are not compatible with Canada's Fundamental Freedoms. 
    A few days after the media started playing up the propaganda regarding how terrible islamics/Muslims have it against them in Canada because of the rise of evil "alt-right" groups.......recordings of racism and hate speech against Jewish people appeared online from inside Canadian mosques. :) The Jewish are merely one of the demographics of people that islamics hate, and as the world is aware they have been targets of hate in the past. This serves as a great example to media that much is missed when focusing on serving political can completely miss the development of true and real hate being preached to others, while demonizing the public for speaking out against it. Dangerous times these are....I'd better double check my wording and mind my tone. :)
         You'd think the Liberals would want to address the islamic extremist views being preached within Canadian Muslim mosques, but perhaps it's not a Liberal priority. At this time I apologize for my ignorance, I am certainly no expert. As a matter of fact I'd like to share my vast confusion. Moderate Muslims claim they in no way share neither islamic jihadist beliefs or are involved with terrorism. Unfortunately you must be Muslim to be an islamic extremist, and Muslims are never able to identify islamic extremists within their midst. Islamic extremists and Muslims read from the same book of beliefs. Islam, by announcement and education of the Liberal Party of Canada and our beloved media outlets is blissfully peaceful. So, why are blissfully peaceful people killing one another in the middle east? Why the need for mass migration into every country with western democratic freedoms? Islam was so peaceful in 2016 that Canada rushed in 25,000 "refugees", all while ignoring the slaughter of Yazidi Christians in the same regions. So we are never to look upon nor speak about Muslims negatively, and islam is peaceful bliss? If Muslims are people without deceitful intentions, and it's the islamics that are the terrorists, so be it. But....Liberals and Muslims both advocate for the term "islamophobia" and islam itself. It's quite clear from the 165 Liberals that voted against equality and inclusion suggested by Conservatives in the House of Commons that islam is the one goal that M-103 serves. The Liberal Party wants to sponsor islam into Canada and ensure it's development, and have proved it with their actions these past few weeks. Liberals are not confused by anything I describe above, they're too busy shaming Canadians that oppose their agenda. 
      What is the ignorance from particular Canadian politicians and Canadian media broadcasters. My research yielded the very same description as the results of what we now see worldwide.....several countries and nations struggling to combat the very same divisional strategy of social and political war we now face in Canada. I read about the serious concerns five years ago regarding the mass false migration of "refugees" into Europe and other nations, and a strategy referred to as subversive/passive terrorism.
         ISIS (supposedly) was going to create a situation that would appeal to western democracies to take in "refugees" from a war zone. Upon completion of this first step the numbers of ISIS would then be many of the actual terrorists "cleaned up" and went WITH the refugees. The strategy was to infiltrate free countries and blend in with the refugees. A terrorist faction of smaller numbers would stay behind to wreak havoc as extremists, while the others would migrate as modern peaceful Muslims. While the small percentage of extremists spread out to the western nations to enact terrorist attacks and recruit radicals, the modern Muslim refugees settle in countries of western democratic freedoms and begin the petitioning.....for the development of Islam.
        As refugees they apply for everything possible while refusing to do anything to fit in with the country's culture or social structure they've "fled" to. As numbers are increased the aggressiveness regarding petitioning for particular rights and special privileges becomes a common occurrence. One of the key goals is to obtain representation within the country's government structure as soon as possible. Stuff so many people of one belief system in one area and you by default achieve the numbers needed to gain representation. Learn a country's voting system and it's understandable how mass importing of refugees or mass migration of illegal immigrants could devastate a country's ability to hold free democratic elections. The introduction of positive islamic reporting through media propaganda, petitioning for positive education regarding islam within schools, and Sharia style censorship to silence opposition to the development of islam are all goals that are aggressively pursued. The mass victimization of women and children native to the country becomes rampant in every country that has allowed mass migration of modern Muslim refugees/immigrants. Time and events of the world have proven this supposed strategy as fact. 
        While I have studied many wars and battle types, this particular strategy impressed me: One side pecks away passively and subversively accumulating numbers and gaining rights in the country they've arrived in under the political notion that they are a minority in need and deserving of special rights. As continual needs grow it causes a drain on public services, as the level of accommodation also grows. Meanwhile the extremist side of this equation spreads out and wreaks havoc via terrorist attacks and active recruitment of radicals. The peaceful islamics and the moderate Muslims left something so terrible in their home countries that they strive to establish the same belief system upon achieving freedom from it? What happens when the islamic strategy is challenged or confronted with a return to freedoms and allowance of natives to take pride in their country? Ask the United States, they are currently facing the social and political terrorism backlash for the corrective measures they are attempting to take. The last place Canada wants to find itself is where other countries are that have allowed mass Muslim migration.
       What direction is Canada headed?? Where is George Soros currently assisting and helping out!? :) Trudeau and Soros met last fall......factually speaking every country that has participated in George Soros' mentality of politics has suffered severely because of it. We now have active racial, social, and political campaigns of divisional filth politics at play within Canada. Every government that allowed Soros involvement has had mass economic downturn, industry stagnation and job losses, divisional hate campaigns, and serious manipulation and censorship. Other odd similarities are the mass importing of Muslim refugees at a time of economic instability and the establishment of extremist islam. I no longer need to pay attention to the events of the world around me, I simply need look around within my own country. There is a putrid amount of ignorance and islamic bliss among the Liberal Party of Canada, and filth politics are an every day occurrence under Liberal's "logic".
       Within one year of the Liberal dictator taking power, there has been massive censorship across all major media and social media venues. Television broadcasters are participating in varied amounts of positive education regarding islam....while CBC has reduced itself to the title holder toss-up between madame of media whores or Queen of Liberal/Islamic propaganda. Canadians are the newest people to be branded hateful racists against the blissful peace of islam, for simply trying to express opinions of serious concern. On March 4th/2017 small groups of peaceful people across Canada met outside City Halls to protest, only to be met with the strategy of social and political terrorism. My last article touched on it.....the filth politics and shame tactics used to threaten or silence Canadians. First, Canadian Conservative Members of Parliament had there ideas for equality and inclusion tossed aside and ignored for the Liberal preference for islamophobia.....and within several weeks Canadian women found themselves facing threats and shaming tactics for even attempting to express their opinions in public. The massive movement to threaten and silence any opposition to islam adequately demonstrated to Canadians that the subversive strategy of political, racial, and social terrorism is fully established and employed here. Canada is one of the last free countries that has not yet been overtaken by Sharia censorship though our own treasonous government....yet.
        The protests against the insane belief system of islam was predictable and expected, for it's what people do when they realize their government in power is not serving Canadian needs and values. To serve your country in any aspect of representation the loyalty and dedication should be to those within your country- and to your country's heritage and core values. The recent actions by the Liberals show that their loyalties are not associated with this notion, and that this country's core values and heritage can and will be molested in the fashion they see fit. The current Liberal government in my opinion has committed treason and has several traitors that need to be immediately removed from power.
         Country's secure their border and/or monitor it. Upon realizing any type of security breach or indication of herds of people strolling into Canada is present, the government has a simple choice to make. Serve the people strolling in, or serve the people you swore you were going to serve loyally....that are already legally living in your country. The Prime Minister of Canada using his own discretion tweeted a broad invitation to any disgruntled Muslim/islamic, without consultation nor consideration for Canadians. When it became apparent that his hormonal teenager-like outburst put people in jeopardy and we indeed had a border security problem, Liberals also decided to ignore all requests to secure the border. We in fact have the RCMP acting as Wal-Mart door greeters and a Public Safety Minister that has islamic ignorance fever, also known as Canadaphobia.
        The Prime Minister's actions and statements clearly indicate he is an islamic advocate. His chosen advocacy completely contradicts his duties and loyalty to his country and people. Justin Trudeau spent a year sponsoring and attending LBGT events and ensuring everyone what a devoted feminist he is.....but at the same time sponsors and advocates for islam, and the development of islam within Canada. These are opposite ends of the advocacy spectrum, directly contradict one another, and are proof that Trudeau's advocacy is false and has deceitful intentions. This is not the first time Canada has been "Trudeau'd" but I'm pretty sure we're all done at this point. Media propaganda is the only thing keeping Trudeau painted in any positive light, his actions have already ended his political career. He is a master of filth politics and surrounds himself with people much the same, and without a doubt a traitor to Canada.
        The Trudeau tweet also displayed the level of ignorance and denial he is willing to flaunt. Another infamous UN/islamic advocate issued a similar invitation several years ago, and Germany paid dearly for the misplaced loyalties and actions of Angel Merkel. Trudeau has ignored the victimization of German women and children at the hands of illegal immigrants/refugees and chosen to adopt the very same mentality towards friendly ol'islam. There have already been increases within Canada of sexual assaults, bladed weapon attacks, and gun violence among refugees/immigrants of middle eastern islamic backgrounds......all ignored by Liberals and censored by media. Canadians keep receiving the same enema of how diverse and stronger Canada is by enriching our society with this culture. I've had more "positive education" about islam on television news than I've learned about Natives my entire life watching the same news......and that Kool-Aid just plain tastes funny to me. Why don't I have a much better understanding of Native culture based on that type of dedication from our media broadcasters??
          Our supposed feminist advocate has also ignored some of the leading outspoken female right's advocates in the world for over five years now: Ingrid Carlqvist, Brigitte Gabriel, Pamela Geller, and Marine Le Pen- that's a massive boatload of reality and feminist's input ignored! As Canadian women's rights advocate Sandra Solomon is rumored to be preparing a Canada wide tour to speak out using her own personal experiences regarding islam, Trudeau's Liberals may need to charge taxpayers for special ear plugs to ignore her as well. Sandra's tour promises to be educational and eye opening, a sincere and dedicated gesture providing she has the right to express her opinions to Canadians without being censored. This is another prime example of events that are predictable as a result of a government and media not listening to the very real concerns of average Canadians. I wonder how many female advocates Justin Trudeau can ignore in his faithful loyalty to islam?
        A little forewarning to the Liberal political extremists that wish to organize to greet, threaten, and shame Canadian women for expressing their opinions and beliefs: These groups will have a brutal and shocking reality brought down upon them. Showing up concealed with masks and rushing a crowd may be met by a patriot response. Threatening and intimidating Canadian women will bring forth not only the attention of police agencies, but patriot agencies.....lone wolves.....sheepdogs....and the occasional feral bear. Masks can be torn off, people can be exposed, and people can be confronted when by themselves. :) The Fundamental Freedoms of Canadian women are not to be pissed with. Trouble often follows the bullying, intimidation, and attempted silencing of our women. Islamics and Liberal globalists have considerably underestimated the rage and resolve of Canadians when Freedoms are being messed with. We'll set aside nice. It doesn't matter who you are.
       Those that oppose the global agenda Trudeau serves? They, as me, now face the introduction of islamophobia and Sharia style censorship. In theory, any Conservative MP that speaks out against islam will now tarnish their political position and be considered alt-right and a racist. All followers of that MP would also be deemed hateful angry right wing supporters. Without doing anything these Conservative supporters then face filth politics, shaming and accusations of being racists and Trump likers. This strategy is already in effect and I exposed in on social media- CBC hired actors trying to trick supporters in Kelly Leitch's home riding, and were shut down by police. Liberal propaganda, Sharia style censorship and organized shaming for opposing islam. It's crap like that that gets the attention of people like me that have done five years research.
        Every Liberal Member of Parliament needs to verify which heritage they'd like to represent. Is it the heritage of those that have lived here peacefully and worked to become part of what Canada is....or the belief system of those that they want to live here? The next question for every Liberal MP should be: Are you willing to sacrifice the lineage and heritage of your own family for the lineage and heritage of those that you advocate for and sponsor into this country? Our Heritage Minister and our Public Safety Minister need to decide where their loyalties lay.....because Canada is strongly sensing betrayal among the people entrusted with sacred positions of representation in Government.
        If Liberals are unable to serve their country loyally, step aside or face accusations of treason. Canadians have had it with Liberal ignorance and filth politics. Canada LEADS in the development of dealing with bullies, and if our Liberals don't stop the filth political agenda they'll be regarded and dealt with as bullies. The Liberal Party of Canada is very quickly tarnishing everything that is Canada, and are a shame to Canadians. When they should be serving their country they are silencing, ignoring, and bypassing the rights of Canadians to serve a global UN agenda. Demonizing Canadians for speaking out rather than representing them while vastly ignoring the Conservatives in the House of Commons is not going to end well.
         Apparently Canada's year of celebrating our anniversary of Confederation requires a "Heritage Not Hate" Confederate battle flag to be raised. I am disturbed that this would be required for my own people in my own country but it is called for at this time. The Conservatives and the vast majority of Canadians want Canada and it's Fundamental Freedoms to remain intact, sacred, and unmolested. It doesn't matter where you came from or when you got here....we all worked hard and made serious attempts to fit in. We have all tried to remain peaceful and considerate towards others in hopes the same courtesy was returned. We don't tolerate hate over heritage, nor any one heritage over another. We're all immigrants here, some of us just arrived here before others and contributed longer. Unions have would think that Canada's heritage and Freedoms should also have some designated seniority to prevent the social and political terrorism we currently face.
      It has taken Canada 150 years to start introducing Native culture and language into our educational systems, and our country's FIRST perceived "minority" surely cannot be in any way set aside again nor forgotten any longer. Natives want their heritage honored, and Canadians have already expressed the importance of corrective measures across a broad scale for the overall betterment of Natives and their culture. We have several examples of people within our country that could use help and improvement for their lives. It is not logical nor fiscally responsible to take on mass amounts of others that have high amounts of demands and needs.
        How dare I write this? How dare I make suggestions? Who the hell am I? I'm just a guy that had a few experiences regarding filth politics....who happens to have some representation and advocacy experience.....who happens to have researched what we are now experiencing in our country.....who gets agitated when women are threatened and intimidated to be silent.....who happens to have taken up freelance writing. The threats and intimidation against Canadian women for trying to speak out, the actions and agenda of the Liberals, and the events of the world around me indicated it was time to write this.
       I refuse to sit on my thumb like a Liberal and be totally ignorant. Responsible immigration or refugee resettlement programs should take in equal amounts of various cultures that are willing to fit in and financially plan for Canada has previously done in a safe and controlled manner. The Liberals rushed to bring in one demographic from one belief system, while not taking into consideration a long term fiscal budget nor other demographics of people. Then, without logic, Liberals tweet a blind invitation and left the border open. Would you leave your door unlocked with a sign on the outside saying "come in, it's open"??      
             If I am to be deemed a racist and jailed for speaking out against a political agenda that makes no sense and is not serving Canadians, then so be it. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms lists the Fundamental Freedoms first for a reason. Islamic beliefs directly contradict the Fundamental Freedoms in our Charter, and the Liberals cannot remember which values to represent.....those of equality, inclusiveness, and freedoms.....or islam. 
          Myself? I believe that raising and flying a Confederate flag as a reminder to put in the fight of fights for your principles and heritage makes me a stronger and more diverse Canadian. :) 
       **Example of hate propaganda planned as a counter protest to free speech March 4th/2017....with divisional racial, social, and political filth politics:  


  1. Were can I get a Confederate Flag?
    We are loosing our Country..............Canada will never be the same.

    1. Army surplus stores in your area (if you have one) may have them at the counter....otherwise you'll have to order them from a site like Gadsen&Culpepper

  2. I agree with this dissertation. Too bad the liberals don't. Right now, I believe the U.S. is on the right path. I hope our next elected government will follow.

    1. I agree 100% with this!! Is there a legal way to get the assholes out of there BEFORE election? That sucker is destroying Canada and the libtards are to stupid to see it!!

    2. I believe even attempting such would start with everyday people writing articles and such. ;) I also see several E-petitions already started for just that reason. A great many people will need to push and see what happens....

  3. excellent writeup Dale --- so damn much going on -I especially liked this part """""I am very proud of the Conservative Members of Parliament. They have been challenged with the utmost of ignorance and filth politics, and have remained honorable and well spoken. They reacted professionally and loyally for Canadians regarding the Liberal notion of M-103 and tabled a much better version. The Conservative wording was inclusive of all, considerate to everyone, and applied to Canadians equally. Liberals felt it pertinent to accuse Conservatives in a press conference of watering down the islamophobia suggestion and playing cheap politics. While I expected Iqra Khalid to be the islamic puppet she is while spewing filth at the press conference, seeing Melanie Joly so vibrantly outspoken against Canadians as our Heritage minister was shocking. These two ladies clearly indicate and have demonstrated the level of filth politics we currently face."""" but you have a lot of good sections -----but it is shocking that our heritage minister was shocking!!!

  4. I really enjoyed reading this article. Since the presidential campaign last year in the US I started following US politics and issues with immigrants. It is hazardous to ones health and mental well being to be a Trump supporter, especially one living in Mexico. I had no idea there was so much hate out there; and when it is directed at me it is quite overwhelming. Canada needs to stand up soon to correct the present course or it will become another Europe. I hope your article wakes some people up.

  5. I would like to have a printer friendly of this article. I would run out of red ink pretty fast!! Is there a place to get it???

    1. on the right upper side of the screen left click on "Reading View" font should appear black on white background, left click anywhere on the white background, a box with two options should appear, click on the "Print" opetion

    2. Thank you so much for the education, much appreciated!

  6. LOL! Great question! Sorry, I hadn't thought of that! Best thing I can think of is to copy and paste the text.

  7. What a bunch of hooey. Confederate flags in Canada?? The south lost the war as they should have ..slavery is over.
    It is ridiculous the amount of fear mongering that has been perpetuated by the right in this country. we used to be nice now were are revolting. The more I listen the less I like my fellow Canadians. You know we all came from immigrants. Get your heads out of your butts.

    1. :) You're likely not coming to any flag rally then? While vastly uneducated, it's good you are able to recognize that slavery is over. Canadians don't condone racism, and I understand that as an immigrant with relatives that fought for both North and South. :) The is an "extreme" right rising to greet the left lunacy currently betraying this country and is natural response. My head's been out of my butt for years and it's the reason I wrote and released the article. The Confederate flag and the Heritage Not Hate version of it will indeed be seen more. :D