Sunday, January 29, 2017

Canadian Liberals: Filth Politics, Shaming Tactics, and Media Censorship of Fundamental Freedoms in Canada

I started realizing in 2011 that a putrid level of filth politics was being used on a global scale. In Canada we changed our Human Rights Code to only serve demographics of minorities as opposed to individuals that felt they were discriminated against. In Saskatchewan, the HRC fired a group of representatives and walked them out of the government office. The mainstream media didn't report the story with any seriousness. Immediately....mainstream Canadian values and religions began to be challenged by minorities under our own laws. The change meant that anything majority could be questioned as being bias against a minority, and that anything majority questioning a minority could be deemed racist. The change also allowed for implementation of filth politics, as well as the opportunity for social and racial division.
      I've personally dealt with filth politics in my life. It's a very unpleasant education of which few of us are prepared for or raised to understand. As Canadians most of us are raised to act in kindness and in honor, so we have little to no experience with it. It is the worst form of bullying at a very organized and high level. My own experience occurred in the insurance industry after being injured in a motor vehicle accident. I wrote four very specific articles against SGI outlining the experience and created a venue for them to be viewed publicly. Canadian media doesn't oppose SGI in western Canada, so alternative strategy and actions were implemented. All provincial agencies and media were given opportunities to help or report the story, all turned it down. I was warned several times by several agencies to remain silent regarding the filth politics and tactics employed against me when injured. It is normal to be shamed and threatened with public humiliation and/or punishment for speaking, which is a key element for filth politics to succeed.
       I immediately recognized the filth politics involved with the hate campaign against the Confederate flag and realized the racial and social division the media would cause by carrying such a message. While it was absolutely horrible for some idiot cracker (yea, I just said that) to murder a group of Black people in a church (and I'm happy he'll twitch for it), the political attack against Southern history and heritage began needlessly. The racial and social division was badly manipulated by terrible media coverage and filth politics. Presently the hate campaign has moved to not only the Confederate flag....but the war monuments, roadways, and buildings named after Southern Civil War Veterans. One of the most renowned battle flags and symbols to fight for Christian values was attacked by an agenda of filth politics....the very flag that has been a symbol in every war since to put in the fight of fights for your principles. I'll gladly advocate for it the rest of my life, and am proud at the support that Canadians have shown me for doing so. I raised the flag because I recognized what was happening, and realized what was coming. I chose to recognize the positive and legitimate attributes of a controversial symbol, and to try and remind people that standing up to fight for principles isn't often easy.
      There was no need for me to write specific political articles nor worry about telling the public what I believed was coming.....time and election results would be the teller of what I'd write. When I wrote the article roasting the media and referring to media as either whores or a horde I trying to get people to realize that the media's standards had been tossed aside. I then did what I said I'd never do....and started a Facebook page. I wanted to start understanding what other Canadians were thinking and feeling about the filth politics as they progressed. I had truly hoped and prayed I was wrong, about everything. I had that same real bad gut feeling as when I was injured and nicely told I was nuts. Canadians are enraged and are being silenced, and they are not liking being muted regarding their screams of warnings being expressed.
       It was disturbing to see the islamic strategy of subversive social war unfold in Europe as it was clearly reported beforehand, and as it unfolded. Canadians never heard of most of it because the global agenda and events were kept from us by mainstream media. I learned of this in 2012 by establishing links to various advocates or blog pages that had been started due to political and media censorship in other parts of the world. I was aware that filth politics and media censorship had been heavily implemented in other countries and suspected it here based upon our media coverage leading up to the Canadian federal election in 2015. Again, I hoped I was wrong.....
       Canadians were mortified and shocked when Justin Trudeau won the Canadian election, and the media's agenda was quite noticeable. Trudeau's actions and comments immediately indicated an attitude that filth politics and censorship were incoming and going to be widespread. I realized immediately that filth politics, racial and social division, and minority/majority debates were going to be commonplace. Canada very quickly went from our media whores effecting election results to becoming propaganda outlets for the Liberal government of Canada. The Human Rights Code changes in 2011 allow for the social terrorism and continual petitioning for "minority" rights using the same tactics that have been employed in every other western democracy.
        People in the United States became aware of how much the media was being used as propaganda machines, and it was apparent by the social media activity leading up to the U.S. election. There was a grassroots movement of everyday people that used among other things social media as a venue to plan and work against the filth politics that was eating away at their country. The social media chatter was opposite that of mainstream media. There was another level of censorship implemented to Facebook immediately following Trump's win as if a political backlash was occurring....and of course that's when the topic of fake news became pertinent. Filth politics knows nothing but lack of ethics, deceit, censorship, shame tactics, and propaganda. We now see a higher level of filth politics and social terrorism then ever due to the U.S. election results. Very little to no logic is being employed....just hateful accusations of racism, sexism, extremists attempting shame tactics, and division. The islamic opposition to the corrective measures in the U.S. will be to cause division and hate, or flee to another easier patsy.....Canada.
         We already see weekly petitioning for more islamic rights across Canada, while our federal government tables Sharia style "Islamophobia" legislation. While our current human rights legislation is used to cater to a hostile and ignorant "minority", all Canadians that are considered a majority are shamed when they speak up for their own rights. The cancer of social and racial divisional tactics has arrived in eastern Canada and our government employs censorship and distribution of propaganda through major media outlets. The rights of the majority are being changed and constantly challenged across the country, and Canada currently has no legislation to protect it's fundamental religions or national heritage. It's Canada's fundamental religions and belief systems that have defined our identity, freedoms, and nationalism....and that's exactly what Justin Trudeau would have us sacrifice for his diversity and strength shaming campaign he's been advertising.
        We had a fake "women's rights march" after the Trump win that was nothing but a Liberal hate convention to spew accusation and division.....and it was shared between the United States and Canada. The cancer that ate away at the U.S. entering into Canadian politics should be a major red flag. The recent proof that media outlets like the CBC are designing fake news and creating fake propaganda against people running for the Conservative leadership of Canada is a great example of how media is being used to manipulate politics. While the CBC can hire actors to attempt to prove that "Trump style racism exists in Canada among Conservatives", they are unable to show up at any of the public protests against islam. Canadians are facing severe censorship by not only major media outlets, but now face online political censorship throughout social media. We are undergoing the same filth politics that Sweden, Finland, and Germany underwent five years ago, and what followed?? Under the Liberal Trudeau regime Canada's Fundamental Freedoms have diminished quickly for the majority of Canadians while we have watched the Liberals serve islamics on a broad scale. The Liberals employ filth politics and ethics at the national level of government......shaming us as a country every day.
        Despite the year of dictatorship and childish antics by Justin Trudeau and the Liberals...despite the stagnation of our economy and industries...despite the disastrous spending and investment in the middle east rather than our own country...despite the 25,000+ "refugees" we've already let in......Justin Trudeau now considers being the haven for American islamics/Muslims wishing to flee "the persecution of their people". Trudeau is selling out Canada without our permission and is quickly reaching the legitimate grounds for removal. The Liberal government of Canada needs to decide what people they serve and where their loyalties to their country are. We already have people sneaking across our border in dangerously cold weather conditions and claiming to be be bisexual for refugee status, after they are caught. At a time our country should be examining ways to protect our people, borders, nationalism, belief systems, and heritage.....our Prime Minister and the Liberal Party of Canada cannot figure out who to serve first. These people remaining in power a full term will destroy this country. The Prime Minister of Canada used Twitter to invite more islamic "refugees" to Canada, and has no concept of the invitation he's extended.
          We've definitely reached the time to coordinate, plan, and prepare on a level we never thought necessary. As the social, racial, and industry divisions continue to grow, so too will the call by islamics for "persecuted minorities" to join together to fight the oppression of the racist white man. Our Canadian Liberals do not have the ethics, standards, or morals to correct nor fight what they've invited into Canada. Everyday people like me and you are left to start coordinating in a bleak effort to provide some security and stability at a time of sponsored and imported danger.
        This, as all other articles on my blog, are expressed under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Let's hope our Freedoms endure the fake "Islamophobia" legislation currently being put forth in a bleak effort of forcing Sharia censorship onto Canadians. This country needs to strongly reconsider repealing anything about Bill C-51 and stop the notion of challenging the Charter's Fundamental Freedoms by introducing anything like islamophobia legislation. It is madness to ignore the events of the world around us and not secure our country.
       While our government fuddle duddles and spends money on cross country drama classes, stumbling and forgetting how to fight for Canadian's Freedoms.....for the rest of us it'll be like the Eric Church song...we all have a "Lotta Boot Left to Fill".


  1. Excellent and come on down! You'll get to play with guns again. :)

  2. goverment is the root of THE EVIL EMPIRE

  3. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT..Nail on the Head !!

  4. the police are watching people like you

    1. People like? Please elaborate Ohh wise soul...

    2. Yea, but they're really looking to see if you respond or not.... :)

    3. This must have been a really sad Valentines day for you... checking your blog at 6pm.

      You keep talking about "heritage" but what does your family think of this?

    4. I had a great Valentine's day! Thanks for asking and caring so much! A few of my young Canadian cousins didn't quite understand at first, but time has shown why I stepped forward. As our lineage fought for both sides in the War of the States, should I also be ashamed of those that fought for the North? The heritage and history of my family is such that all Canadian Pippins have been advocates for equal rights and considerably contributed in very positive aspects to Canada's development of Freedoms. My family stands proud and in support, because we've already considerably proven through time what southern traits came north to Canada through any Pippin name. Is it all people of southern decent you hate, or just a Pippin that speaks to remind people of the positive representation that exists? I suppose if you are lazy and unmotivated you may not understand how a person could take a moment to respond to an idiot on Valentine's Day! lol :D

  5. Respect, Dale, thank you for putting into words, so many of our thoughts. Now we need to all come together. The "Writing is on the Wall" for all to see.