Saturday, June 18, 2016

My Most Memorable Flag Purchase

       When I recently drove to North Carolina I knew it would be a unique and memorable experience. I was unprepared for the genuine acts of kindness, the high level of character, and the southern pride I had the pleasure to be around. I found the simplest of purchases and attendance to events to be very rewarding and great examples of class regarding southerners.
       I decided to attend the 2016 Coca Cola 600, one of NASCAR's biggest races on one of the United States most sacred holiday weekends. I had already spent three hours meeting absolutely terrific people, and that was just parking my car! The following took place as I waited to cross the street in Concorde North Carolina, in front of the Charlotte Motor Speedway:
      I noticed an elderly gentleman had set up a booth selling flags, and was selling all types of flags to honor Veterans for Memorial Day. I made my way over and looked for a Confederate flag. I was happy to find them without problem, proudly displayed for sale just like the other flags that were there. I commented to the one legged Veteran that I was happy to see the Confederate flags among all the others, and he proudly explained with a grin "You're in Dixieland son, we honor all veterans." I gave him one of my blog cards, and quietly explained that I was a Confederate flag advocate from Canada. I asked to purchase one of the Confederate Flags, and the gentleman pointed out he had Canadian flags as well. I quietly purchased both.

      To my complete astonishment, the gentleman then yelled in a very loud and proud voice. "This Canadian gets it! This young fellow just purchased a Confederate flag and understands heritage and history! GOD BLESS AMERICA, and GOD BLESS CANADA!" He then proceeded to sing the first few verses of the Canadian national anthem with a pride that made this Saskatchewan boy choke up a bit, in front of about 1500 people. Little did he know what he'd just done or the impact he had, he was just being himself. I'll never forget it, and it made the purchase of two small flags very special.
       The moment I got through the border crossing and was back in Canada, I pulled over and put both flags in the rear window of my car. While I usually just leave a 3' X 5' Heritage Not Hate flag in my rear window, these two remained on display for over a week. I have many Confederate flags, but the one I purchased that day was by far the most educational.
       The least I could do was fly those flags, tell the story, and attempt to repay the courtesy and respect. GOD BLESS SOUTHERN PRIDE AND HERITAGE, we could all learn a great deal from it.



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